Monday, December 1, 2008


This pic makes you think of sunshine, warm weather, cool pools and summer, doesn't it? Just what we need here on the first day of December. Think warm!!

As writers we use our imaginations all the time. We don't use the truth because no one would believe it!!! But seriously, our stories come out of our imaginations....the characters we create, the settings we build, and the plot lines we develop. God gave us imaginations. He, who is the great Creator, gave us minds to create also. How awesome!

I get asked from time to time where my stories come from. How do I think of these things that happen to my characters. From as far back as I remember, I remember creating stories in my mind. I created people I wanted to be, houses I wanted to live in, even boyfriends I wanted to have. I always went to sleep creating stories, or maybe they were more like scenarios, but I was still using my imagination to take my mind away from where I was to a different place.

I guess I can't answer why I did/do this. God created me this way. He wired my brain so it would think like it does.

So back to the picture up top. Like I said, it's December now---can we switch our imaginations away from the holidays and cold weather, from warm coats to having the heat on in the car to feeling the warmth of the sunshine as we splash in a pool?

What's your imagination doing today?


  1. Love the photo!! I'm so there with you right now. :) (So yes, I have a great imagination seeing as how it's 41 degrees outside!)

    My brain is wired that way, too, Lindi. I think in some ways it's a coping mechanism. But we take those dreams and spin them into stories.


  2. I think my imagination is going through turkey detox right's a muddled mess right now.

    I sat down to do some writing/editing yesterday, and I couldn't focus. My brain was going every direction except toward creativity...

    Oh well, I settled down to read instead, that's always fun to. Maybe tonight some creativity will flow....just maybe.

  3. Lynn, I get that way, too. All the chaos of the holiday (cooking, a houseful of people, travel...) can really make the brain tired. :)

    But today it' time for me to jump back in. I'm hoping my brain will cooperate. LOL


  4. Lynn,
    Glad you had a lot of turkey on T-day!! We are still eating left overs.

    I hope you got your chance to read. How nice to sit back with a good book.

  5. Missy,
    Hoping your brain is cooperating....

  6. Cute picture! Sometimes I have nothing, but imagination as I try to escape the reality of our world.

  7. Love the picture! Wish I had a pool to swim in like that! BTW, I hope you have a great shopping day in Blueridge today! I was up there last weekend and it was beautiful!

    Anyway, my mind is still a stuffy mess. Not with turkey, like Lynn ;) but due to a cold that won't go away!! I'll be thankful to get my writing gear back on. I gotta finish this story...