Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

I hope you're having a wonderful day with your family and friends celebrating the birth of Jesus!

This is only a short and sweet post to wish you merry Christmas. But before you slink off to go take a nice long nap, I hope you'll share your favorite gift you GAVE this year. :)



  1. Hey Missy - let's see...Dad and I gave our 13 yo son a PSP because his GameBoy wasn't working any longer. He must've liked it because he literally launched himself out of his chair and threw himself at his dad. That was fun to watch and I have it on tape. Of course, I had to put the camcorder down when said son launched himself at me! LOL

    And then 10 yo started jumping up and down when I got an iPod Touch because now he gets my Sansa soon as I upload my podcasts and audiobooks off it that is.

    10 yo son also went crazy over a box of about 20 1990 hockey card paks that I bought months ago off eBay. He wants to see what rookie cards might be there. We suggested he NOT eat the almost 20 yo gum inside. :-)

    Hubby raved about his new Christian t-shirts and a new guitar strap with a cross and a dove which will replace the one he's had since I met him in 1976. I thought it was about time to get rid of the fringe. LOL

    Lots of memories made today.

  2. Anita Mae, it sounds like you had a wonderful day!! Your gifts were a big hit. :)

    I ended up taking 2 LONG naps yesterday (some catch-up sleep, I guess) so I never did get online.

    My favorite gift to give was a donation to World Vision in my son's name. The gift will buy 5 soccer balls for kids in Africa. When my son went to Kenya on a mission trip, he was shocked to see them playing with balled up trash. The group had taken along a soccer ball, and the kids thought it was the best thing ever. So I knew this gift would mean lot to him.