Thursday, December 11, 2008

My "Baby" is 14 Today!

After Angie posted about her son yesterday, I thought I'd share that my middle child is 14 today! And you know what I'm already thinking about?

Driving. In Georgia, the kids get their permits at 15 and have to drive for a year with an adult in the car. Fifteen!! It boggle the mind.

So, I'm preparing myself for another year (coming up in exactly 12 months) of worry and new gray hair. My oldest about gave me an ulcer. I hope the next time goes smoother. And maybe since I'll be more experienced, I'll be a better driving partner. (Insert here a vision of me screeching, mashing my foot on an imaginary brake pedal, and nagging.) I guess all oldest kids get to be the one to break parents in. :)

So wish me luck! What about you? Any children yet who have driven? Or maybe you're struggling with older parents who still want to drive. Or a spouse who drives you up the wall when he/she drives? LOL

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  1. Missy, you left out those of us who at 33 are still trying to drive carefully after 17 years of practice! Last week I backed over this lady in the parking lot. Well, not literally, but my big Suburban did put some mighty deep dents in the side of her little Stratus! I'm still afraid of parking lots! UGH! I felt so bad. I just got in a hurry and didn't look all ways.

    My hubby drives too fast for me, but he is an alert driver and a good one. Im not worrying about my daughter yet. Thank goodness! Gotta watch out for myself!!!

  2. Christy, I totally understand. You're talking to the woman who has backed into people in my own driveway not once, but twice!!

    I'm sorry for your fender bender! But I'm relieved you didn't hit the person. That's what I thought you meant! I'm glad it was her car. :)

    Be prepared. It's not fun when you see how your insurance goes up!


  3. Missy,
    It'll be easier the next time. Not easy mind you, but easier. I still put on the brakes in the car with Brenna, Alex and Lenny. I guess I always will.

  4. PS--Tell your "baby" happy birthday from me!!

  5. Ok Missy, you've done worse than me. Thankfully I didn't hit the woman literally or I'd probably be blogging from jail. Is that possible? Anywhoo...

  6. Ah, driving. When I had to drive 6 kids from 3 p.m. until around 9 p.m. every night, it started to get tiring. So when my first son began driving at 14 1/2, I was nervous, but relieved. He had his license at 15! The laws have changed since then and my last child had to do the new graduated license. But I gained my freedom from the chains of the car life almost 10 years ago. I love that my kids can drive themselves now! so let go and enjoy your new freedom!!!

    Um, I didn't cry when the last one went to kindergarten either. I had a couple of hours of quiet time, lol.

    The first driver? Oh yeah, the very first day of his permit at 14 1/2 . . . he accidentally hit the gas instead of the brakes and we met a brick wall intimately. Nothing's perfect, but he turned out to be a great driver after having to pay the $250 to fix mom's bumper.


  7. LOL, Angie! Poor guy. That $250 must have seemed insurmountable at the time. :)