Monday, December 8, 2008

This Is A Pic From Last Christmas....

I can't believe I'm blogging about Christmas. I have been known to put my tree up as late as Christmas Eve day. Seriously. I just have never been one to decorate early. Usually it's anywhere between the 15th and the 24th.
I know, I know... Crazy.
But this year the tree is up. Yep! As of Sunday. And my dh and I made our annual trip to Blue Ridge to Christmas shop. We did that Saturday and found a lot of great gifts. We never know what we are going to find, but we always have a good time.
So between having the tree up and getting a great start on the shopping I'm feeling a little Christmasy somewhat earlier than normal.
So here's the questions for today.
Tree up? Early or late.
Tree down? Day afer christmas or closer to New Years.
Shopping...early, late or both.

Just a fun blogging day. Also, funny Chrismas stories would be a great addition to today's blog. Thanks!


  1. Tree-whenever there is time. Down-whenever there is time. Seeing a pattern here? LOL, okay, fun son and exchange son last year kept checking on the presents under the tree. My hubby saw them do this repeatedly. He told them if they kept it up, all they would get is a brick from Santa. They kept it up. He made sure the first gift they opened, they each got half of the same brick! It made such an impression that our exchange son kept his half and took it home to Japan!

  2. Ang,
    How funny. I wonder if they'll be checking out gifts under the tree this year? Probably not!

    This was ages ago, but one of my friends had a brother. The parens got him a car stereo for Christmas. He opened it and put it in his car before Christmas day and he put a brick in the box and rewrapped. I still don't know if they know he did that.

  3. LOL! Well, I don't have any brick stories!! :)

    The older the kids get, the earlier I get the tree up. This year, we got it up on the 1st. But I always try to get it up by my son's b-day on the 11th.

    I usually try to take down on New Year's day, but sometimes it a bit later. We always have a live tree, so it has to come down. Needles are falling all over the place, and it looks depressing! :)

    Shopping... usually late and in a panic. Although I do get some things done early. But there's still always the last minute push.


  4. Up, day after Thanksgiving. Down, whenever we get back after New Year's.

    Funny story, Angie. Reminds me of my oldest daughter, when she was about nine or ten. I suspected--no, I knew--she'd peaked at a couple of her presents under the tree. I mean untaping the ends and looking inside. So the one I knew she wanted the most I unwrapped and rewrapped. I wrapped it regular then wrapped that in layers of duck tape then put it in another box and wrapped that, taking care to use LOTS of tape :-) I think it took her a good fifteen minutes to get that present opened on Christmas morning. LOL! Served her right. But, by golly, she had to work for it.

  5. One year I wanted white go-go boots. Yes, this was in the seventies. I think I was eight. But I had to have those white knee-high, lace-up shiny boots. I found where my mother had put the gifts and I peeked. Yes, there they were.
    On Christmas day when I opened them up I was so not excited because I knew I was getting them. Ever since I have not even been tempted to know what I'm getting. That was a hard lesson. I still remember it.
    So, Mindy, maybe your daughter won't peek again.

    And Missy, yes, I'm usually out with some last minute things towards the 22nd and 23rd. Oh, well.

  6. I usually put my tree up Thanksgiving weekend... and it's down the day after Christmas. I'm so boring that I don't have any fun Christmas stories. **smile** We're pretty quiet around Christmas as it's just me and my sweet hubby.

  7. Lynn, quiet Christmases are very nice... but I'm thinking, do you have any animals? Any stories of the animals eating the presents?

    Well, I like to put my tree up the weekend of Thanksgiving, but this year I was sick and didn't get it up until last weekend! Worked ALL DAY Saturday putting up the decorations.

    Funny story? I don't know if i have one either. I will tell you while I was putting up the decorations, my little elf - Downey - was helping. All weekend she would pull a handful of ornaments off the tree to rearrange them. I had to remind her to be careful because I had already dropped and broken one earlier that day. Last night, my husband and I were trying to plan for Christmas, talking some about what to buy our child who has EVERYTHING - and we told her she better be good or Santa Claus wouldn't come to see her. My 3 year old replied, "That's okay. I don't care." We told her she wouldn't get any presents, but I suppose she figures we'd come thru gift wise!