Tuesday, December 16, 2008

To Write or Not to Write

The last couple of months, my F.A.I.T.H. sisters have been writing a blue streak. Each keeps the rest of us posted on their progress. I have to admit, some days I just sigh and wish it were me sailing through my manuscript. But I hit a speed bump in my writing. Well, in my story. One that required a time out to think and play with things. Yet with the holidays fast approaching, I knew I would stress myself out and fail to enjoy the season. Been there, done that. Not doing it again.

So I made a decision not to write. But what about all those people who say to write every day? What about the fact that I'm a writer, therefore I HAVE to write? That's when I made my next decision--to write on my personal blog EVERYDAY. Something I've never done in the two years I've had the thing. Okay, so I forgot to post the last two days. I'll be filling those in shortly. Promise :-)

In the meantime, I've had such a wonderful time. I've cleaned things that have been neglected for months. Yesterday, I shampooed carpet and cleaned upholstery. They now look (and smell) like new. I'm up to date on my wrapping. You have no idea how much I detest staying up late to wrap on Christmas Eve. And I'm too much of a traditionalist to use bags. My kids wanna tear the wrapping off :-) Then there's that whole thing about pretty packages under the tree, but that's just me.

And as I clean, I ponder. That speed bump is getting smaller, though it's still there. Looks like hubby and I will be having one major brainstorming session once all the holiday company leaves. And did I mention bubble baths? I've had two recently. More than I usually get all year. What great place to unwind and sort through your thoughts. Especially on a cold day.

What about you? Have you ever stepped away from writing? Why? What did you learn? What did you accomplish?


  1. Ahhh, Calgon, take me away....


    Enjoy your break, Mindy. I think sometimes we need to do that. A time to refresh. Fill your creativity well, as it says to do in The Artist's Way.

    I've taken breaks before, but usually not nice planned ones. Several years ago, I took a couple of months-long breaks after some painful critiques. I just lost all confidence and couldn't make myself write. But once I got going again, I was so glad to be back at it.

    You'll be all ready to jump in after the new year. In the meantime, you can come clean my house!!!

    Missy :)

  2. Yeah, right. Not a chance, Missy.

    Now repeat after me, Calgon is our friend :-)

  3. Ah, come on. My couch and carpet are really grimy.



  4. Nice! I've only stepped away from writing for about a week, and it was amazing what I got caught up on. Like you said, things around the house, etc.

  5. Yes, I need those breaks. It does refill my creative well. But I fill it with other things--like traveling, genealogy, fun reading, or movie watching.

  6. Missy, not a snowball's chance in . . . well, you get the point:-)

    Lynn, it feels so good to get these things accomplished.

    Jenn, my creative well is definitely being filled just doing things in another realm.

  7. Mindy,
    I've taken time in the past also. Now I"m taking time now....no writing in December so far....well maybe the first couple of days. But my brain is working....