Saturday, December 27, 2008

Writing is Therapy

We had a very strange Christmas this year. For one thing, it didn't feel like Christmas. My father-in-law spent Christmas in the hospital, but I'm happy to report that he is back home and we are hoping and praying for the best. We are in the process of taking down decorations and restoring our home to some semblance of order.

The best writing news I have to report is that I wrote almost 2,000 words on my manuscript this morning! It's important to point out that it was on my manuscript and not a blog, email, or some other written platform. It's the first real writing I've accomplished in weeks and it feels good.

I don't feel like myself if I'm not writing. I know that I've written in one of my blogs that if my life isn't in balance it shows in my writing and this is true, but writing serves as an outlet for me as well. When things aren't going as they ought to, writing is therapeutic for me. It's hard for my family to understand. They look at me as if to say, "How can you work at a time like this?" I don't look at it as work. It's my therapy. It's an outlet at that moment. What I write during difficult times may not be good, but it does help me get through it. I'm not really sure that an non-writer or a non-creative person can understand how writing can be a person's therapy.

This morning I ignored the phone, tuned out other noises in the house, even my poor husband who came in and tried to have a conversation with me. But I was deep in the emotional train of thought of my heroine since I was in her POV. I was seeing what she was seeing, feeling what she was feeling, and moving ahead in my thought process as to what should happen next. This is finally helping me to feel like me again.

Writing is who I am. It's what I do in the good times and the bad. The good times are what inspires my writing, along with God and my family. The bad times are eased by my writing and it does become my therapy.

Let your writing be who it makes you and don't apologize for it or let guilt get in the way. If you are a writer, allow yourself to be the writer God has created you to be, and pray for your family's understanding.


  1. Jenn, I'm so glad you got those words written! I also feel out of whack when I don't write.

    I did have a hard time writing today. And yesterday, I just couldn't. (for those who don't know, the child of our friends died yesterday). But I made myself sit and do it today. I got about 900 words written but need to do more. I may get some tonight after everyone is in bed.

  2. Congratulations on your production! That sounds so formal but 2000 words is a bunch! Or it is for me!

    I love writing and spinning stories in my head. But I'm different in that when there are tough things going on in my family, I tend to shut down from writing. It's like I can't think clearly. When I'm sick, I can't write. I have to have a clear mind. Right now, I'm trying to find order in my life. I hope this lack of writing may be my adjustments to returning to work and having a child and husband. And, I struggle with where God wants me. I think the stories I have are important and one day I believe someone else beyond my crit group will read them. But I struggle with my priorities and in what order God wants those priorities to fall. My child is too young for me to devote more time to writing. Gosh, I feel guilty when I'm home on the weekends and the house is so neglected I spend most of my time cleaning. I'm a guilty soul. I guess I need to get over it and try to devote special nuggets of time each day for my writing. After all it won't bloom if it's not done. Just like so many things that are important to us.

    Great post, Jenn.

  3. Jenn,
    2000 words is fantastic. Great for you. I'm like you, I don't feel like me when I'm not writing. It's like it's an appendage or something....and when it's missing, well....