Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You learn something new everyday . . .

At least I do! 

My son joined band this year again. It's been a few years, but he decided to go back and play tuba.

Now, you have to know that I am not a fan of band concerts. It isn't due to ignorance either. I played oboe from 5th grade through 10th grade. I prefer vocal music with the occasional instrumental.

So all through 6 kids growing up, I sat in countless band concerts. sigh. I love my kids and want them to develop their musical sides. I believe it helps the creativity and problem solving and math and well, I believe music is one serious gift!

But oh do I get bored in band concerts. sigh.

So this week we attended a band concert after a break of about 2 years. That's long enough, I figured I could handle it for my son ;-)

I had a great time! Yes, yes I did.

First, I had forgotten how much humor happens. Next, the kids played a joke on the band director that was awesome. The flute section had a song all to themselves. The director raised the baton. The girls raised their instruments. And then it happened!

He led the downbeat and the girls dropped their flutes. Instead of beginning Let It Snow instrumentally, they sang it to him.

Stunned, he turned red and the band fell into fits of giggles leading the crowd into hoots of laughter.

What a good sport!

Then another great surprise. My son had a vocal solo on a jazz piece. Once the concert band vacated, the jazz band took over for a few songs. My son stepped up to the mic and rocketed the gym into an amazing rendition of It Don't Mean A Thing (if it ain't got that swing.)

Now I know my son can sing. He has a very nice, strong voice. What I didn't know was he could belt it out like that! My mouth must have hung off the bleachers! People were turning around and staring at me with that wide-eyed shocked expression that said, "Why, Angie, you never mentioned he could sing . . ."

And I was staring at him like, "Um, did you forget to mention you could sing? I mean, really, holy cow, you can sing!"

I learned today that band concerts can be fun!

What's your newest surprise or lesson?

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  1. Great post. Wow, that is a nice surprise. Singing is such a wonderful gift. I am one who can barely hold a tune, so I'm often green with envy of those who can sing... **smile**

    As for a new surprise or lesson? I'd been praying for YEARS for someone close to me to begin a healthier lifestyle (she suffers from weight issues linked to several other problems.)

    After more than 3 years of prayer...she finally has begun...and has been sticking to it. I'm truly amazed how God works. He can change the hardest of hearts. It's not always as quickly as we would like it, but if we persevere and it's God's will, it'll happen!

  2. How fun, angie!!!!! I wish I could have been there.

    We had a middle school band concert last night. It was fun. The new band director is much more positive with the kids and they've really responded.

    Sounds like your director is good with the kids, too! :)


  3. Angie
    This is wonderful! He must take after you. You're voice is so beautiful.

    And what a timely (God) post. Our church tonight was all about---you guessed it--surprises!!!

  4. LOL, great surprises! And thank you for the compliment, Lindi.

    Missy, I'm so glad these music teachers pour so much into their students!

    Lynn, I really hope your friend keeps going. May God bless her with stick-to-it-ness! May He grant her a feeling of success and that success will become sweet to her.