Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ACFW Book of the Year 2009

ACFW 2009 Book of the Year Contest is officially launched!!!

Below is the FAQ to hopefully answer any questions that might be lingering in your minds. If you still have a question after reading through this, please feel free to email, and you will get a response within three (3) business days from the contest coordinator.

Ronie Kendig
BOTY Coordinator
Dead Reckoning (Abingdon Press, March 2010)


Book of the Year FAQ

1. How do I determine if my book is eligible?
All eligibility requirements are listed on the ACFW website:

2. How much does it cost, and can I pay online?
Yes, you can sign up online-and each category entry is $35! This is our first year to offer online payment with the Book of the Year contest. You may pay via credit card or PayPal online, or you may mail a check or money order with your books and entry form to the coordinator (address provided on the entry form). No cash accepted. Remember-if you pay online, you still have to mail in the books and entry form to:

ACFW Book of the Year
c/o Ronie Kendig
10201 Ashburn
McKinney, TX 75070

3. How many books do I send? Do I need to send books for a second round of judging?
If you are *not* entering Debut Author, you will need to send THREE (3) copies of each title.

If you are entering a title in the Debut Author, remember that you can also enter this same title in its genre category as well. This is the only exception to each book being entered in only one category. Those entering their debut book in both categories (debut author and the genre category) will need to send SIX (6) copies of that title.

There is only one round of judging. Five finalists in each category will be announced August 1, 2009. Each category winner will be revealed at the ACFW Conference in Denver, Colorado.

4. What do I send to the coordinator?
There are THREE (3) elements required for a complete entry: 1.) the entry form, 2.) the payment, and 3.) the books. If you are. Paying online then please mail your entry form and your books to the coordinator
Paying by check/money order - mail your entry form, payment, and books to the coordinator

5. Will I receive my scores after the contest is concluded?
No. Why? Because, well, we won't have score sheets this year. Judges are going to be using a number system and will record their score for the entry on a tally card, which they will return to the coordinator to be logged into the system. This streamlined process will make judging much simpler and was voted on during the latest Board meeting. These tally cards will not be forwarded to the entrant.

6. How do I mail the books, entry form, and (if applicable) payment?
PLEASE SEND all books/entry form/payment via a reputable carrier (USPS, UPS, FedEx).

DO NOT require a signature. If you want proof your package arrived, please choose the "confirm receipt" option. The coordinator receives hundreds of boxes through the contest-not to mention, the coordinator may not be present during delivery. And she doesn't chase boxes.

DO NOT mail in a paper envelope. Last year, one regular envelope arrived empty! Please be sure your envelope is well taped and has the right postage. Any boxes with postage due will be *refused.*

7. Who do I contact for more information?
You may send all questions to the coordinator, Ronie Kendig at: She will answer within three business days. Please be patient as there are certain periods of time when things are extremely harried. Also, please note that Ronie will also confirm your entry within three business days and let you know if it's complete or if additional materials are required.

8. My publisher is entering my title. Is there anything I must do?
Yes-it the responsibility of the author to sign and mail the entry form for their title. We are delighted to have publishers participating so eagerly in our contest, and while they may send your books and pay the fee, it is still required that the author be a member of ACFW and sign the contestant's agreement on the entry form.

To all those entering this year, Good Luck!


  1. Just a Happy birthday to Missy from cousin Wendy !

  2. Thanks so much, Wendy!! I appreciate it!

    And Angie, I'm there on the contest! I've got to get my act together, but I do plan to enter. Woo hoo!