Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another Year of Contests

This is the time of year when things get busy for me in terms of writing. Not necessarily the act of writing, but the giving-back part of writing. Contests. I'm in the process of judging for one just as ACFW's Genesis kicks into gear and I'll be coordinating two categories this year.

Contests are beneficial in so many ways. For the entrant, it's a way to get some great, impartial feedback. For the judge, it's a way learn. To see what works and what doesn't. To see how far you've come and encourage other writers to keep at it and hone their skills. As a coordinator, I get to "meet" lots of new people. Cyber meet, that is. I'm the one they're handing their precious baby over to and I need to treat it, and them, with the utmost care.

On a personal level, I think I may enter more contests this year. Genesis for sure, but maybe others. How about you? Are you planning to enter any contests this year? Have any faves? And if your organization is sponsoring a contest, take this time to share.


  1. The Genesis totally snuck up on me this year!! I'm not sure if I have anything to enter at all. Ugh. I guess I should start looking at what I've got. Sigh. Or not.

  2. Hi, Catherine. The Genesis just opened, so you have a while! :) Go for it!

    I think everyone should enter the Maggie, our local contest! And there's FHL's Touched By Love contest.

    I entered the RITA for the first time, and have been so excited about it. I've also entered several other published contests and really enjoyed not having to make so many copies! LOL I just pack up the books and send. :)

  3. I'm going to enter the Genesis, TBL and Maggie's for sure. I'm thinking about the Yellow rose also.

  4. Cathy, I'm sure you can come up with something. Maybe write something new. Missy's right, the deadline isn't until April 1.

    Missy, I hope the judges for the RITA love your book as much as I did.

    Lindi, does the Yellow Rose have an inspy category?

  5. Please forgive me, I am new at all of this. Could you tell me more about the Genesis contest? What are the requirements?

    Thank you!

  6. Beth, in the original post you'll note that ACFW Genesis is highlighted. If you click on it, it will take you to the information page for that contest.

    Let me know if it doesn't work.

  7. Cathy, You had better enter! I think you should enter HITH, its a great manuscript and a wonderful story.

    Beth, I'm also a North Carolinian blogger and I just left you a comment. I went to the Carolina Mama blog as well. Thanks for sharing it and stopping by F.A.I.T.H.

    I won't be entering any contests this year. I'm just going to concentrate on the edits for my contracted book, write a marketing plan for its release, finish my WIP by Spring, and work with my agent to send out more submissions.

  8. Oh yeah. Genesis...here I come. I have a few more I'm entering this month and next.

    Last year I entered my first contests. Three of them, I think. I finaled in one, should find out the results tomorrow (if they are on track with their deadlines.)

    I'm both nervous and excited. The two others, which I didn't final, were so helpful in the feedback.

    I'm excited for a new season of contests in which I can enter my new and improved WIP.

    Blessings to all who take the leap and enter!