Friday, January 9, 2009

Contest, Contests, and more Contests!!!

It's Contest Row here on FAITH this week, and I'd like to join in to offer you something, but alas, this is not my week. However more contests will come from FAITH and like Lindi just posted, don't forget to look at her post for Monday and enter - you've got until Sunday!

When a new year starts, I start thinking about all the things I want to accomplish. It also seems that a bunch of new contests get underway these first few months of the new year. For instance, Genesis contest opens tomorrow through American Christian Fiction Writers. I'm excited as I'm going to shoot out some entries for Genesis and other contests. It's a great way to get feedback on your work, but also have a possibility to place and get your manuscript in front of an editor.

So what are your plans for this year? Are you entering any writing contests or taking a year off (that's what I did last year - I sort of regrouped!)

If you're entering contests, which ones are you going to enter and how many stories do you plan to enter? And by the way, Good Luck and May God Bless all your endeavors this year!!!


  1. Contests...oh yes. I'm awaiting results of one in which I finaled (I find out january 15, if they are on time). I Just entered Marlene Awards. I have two slated to enter in February (I forget their names off hand). OH, yeah, and Genesis. For sure entering that. :-)

    I've gotten some REALLY good feedback from two in which I did not final. I'm anxious to see the feedback in the one I finaled.

    It's strange how the scores can vary, though. I got a 92 from one, then a 68 from another. Wow, how it can differ, huh? I was not disheartened, just thankful for the feedback:-)

  2. I'm no longer eligible for unpublished, but I don't have anything out yet for published contests, so for a year or more, I'll be in the in-between stage. So one of my goals this year is to learn about some published contests and see what I might want to enter later down the road.

  3. Good luck, Lynn! Don't worry about the variable scores. It happens all the time, and to just about everyone I know. Just variable tastes and opinions. What's helped me is to really look at something if two or three judges make the same comment. Then I know I probably need to fix it.

    Christy, I've been like Jenn, but I just came out of that in-between time. I entered the RITA!! And also the Holt Medallion and Booksellers Best and National Reader's Choice and the Gayle Wilson contest. So I'm really excited to be doing it again!!!