Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cover Design Stage

This month we've been working on my cover design for Promised Blessings. This is an exiting phase! I had to fill out a form that ended up being around 5-6 pages giving examples of what my Scottish characters would have worn in 1463. That was a little difficult since very few accurate images exist before 1600.

I finally found two appropriate images and then had to write up an explanation for the designers. So many are under the false impression that it would have been a plaid kilt. The kilt as we know it today didn't exist until around 1725. If you'd like to know more about this fascinating piece of history visit my blog post on Early Highland Warrior Clothing. (And FYI, what you saw in Braveheart was incorrect.)

I described three key scenes and gave photos of a couple of Scottish castles and some images of two celebrities that closely resemble my hero and heroine. I can't wait to see what their designers come up with. Their new fall 2009 line up and book covers are posted on Seekervile. The variety of tastes they have selected are amazing.

What celebrities do you think of from the descriptions below?

Hero: Shoulder length hair the color of potted soil framed by an authoritative square face. His gray eyes are sharp and purposeful. Up close he appears more handsome than barbaric. The bridge of his nose smoothes over his face to high, striking cheekbones. Confidence radiates from his countenance, but she senses a stubborn streak behind his determined expression. There are many instances within the book when he grows a mild beard and mustache.

Hair color: black
Skin: tan from outdoors
Eyes: Gray

Heroine: Her face is delicately carved with a depth of strength. Her lips are the color of dark rose and fully rounded. Her jade eyes are like fire, lighting darkness and drawing one to their warmth. Her long, golden-red hair spills across her back like silky waves. She is tall and thin-framed.

Hair color: golden-red
Skin: milky white (light freckles across the bridge of her nose)
Eyes: Jade


  1. Well, Patrick Dempsey might be good for the hero..but he'd have to grow his hair and get a tan.
    Marcia Cross would make a great heroine.
    I can't wait to see your cover, Jenn.

  2. Lindi,

    Patrick Dempsey did come to mind a few times. But I finally settled on someone else. I never thought of Marcia Cross. I can't wait to have a cover!

  3. I can't wait to see it, Jenn! I know all the covers have been great for Abingdon. I'm sure yours will be, too! So exciting. :)

  4. Not coming up with an image for the hero, but Nicole Kidman comes to mind for the heroine.