Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy new year! I wish you a prosperous, happy, healthy, blessed 2009.

Can you believe 2008 passed so quickly? So what do you have planned for the new year? Any goals (writing, personal, or otherwise)? I'd love to hear if you do.

I plan to write at least 2 (preferrably 3) manuscripts this year (and hope to sell them all!). :) I want to do more with my website, to make it look more professional. And I also want to learn more about plotting and story structure this year.

Okay... your turn...




  1. I want to finish the one I've been working on FOREVER and I have two new ideas...we'll see how it goes.

  2. Good for you, Lindi! I'll be pestering you, making sure you do it. :)

  3. Those are great goals, Missy. I hope to buy a domain and start a website. I hope to obtain representation from an agent. I hope to grow my neighborhood ministry (through my church). I hope to attend two writing conferences and maybe even take a college writing course.

    So, those are MY goals, but who knows what GOD's got in store for me....I will gladly drop any of my personal goals if HE feels I need to walk a different path.

    Heck, I'd wanted to be a professional inline speed skater not even three years ago...but now I'm writing. So, HE'LL steer us how HE sees fit **smile** That's why they call being a Christian an Adventure, right?

  4. Thank you for the sweet blog comment! Yes, I LOVED Redeeming Love! I am amazed how God has been putting fiction books in my hands lately!

    God bless you and Happy New Year!!!


  5. You're welcome, Beth. Redeeming Love was one of those books that changed the way I see my wriing. I'm glad you've discovered some great Christian fiction. Thanks for stopping by the F.A.I.T.H. Blog!