Monday, January 5, 2009

Jazzin' Up January---Part One

Hello all!!

It's my first post of 2009. Wow...I guess I can turn around if I want to see 2008, huh?

Well, we are going to do something really fun for Mondays in January. And there are prizes. Yes, prizes!!

This is the plan.
Below I've written a paragraph. In the comment section post what you think the next paragraph of the story should be. I will check all week long, and the Sunday before I post again, I will put the names of the people who posted a new paragraph into my trusty little pink polka-dotted box and pull out a name. I will add that paragraph to the first one, and we repeat the process for all the Monday's in January. We should have a nice little story by the end of the month. F.A.I.T.H. girls...please post a paragraph to add to the story. Your names will go in to push on to the next week, but they won't be submitted for the prize.

On February 2nd I will post the entire story and the name of the winner of the grand prize. For the grand prize all names for the whole month will go into the trusty little pink-polka dotted box. If you post a paragraph every week your name will go in four times. If you post more than one paragraph a week, I will enter your name in the drawing once, but will enter each paragraph to move the story forward. My hubby will pull the lucky winner out of the pretty pink-polka dotted box on February 1st and we will post the story on Monday February 2nd.
Enough rules.

Here is a pic of the prize.

Plus the winner will get their choice of a $25.00 gift card to Starbucks or a bookstore.

So, readers of the F.A.I.T.H. blog, let's let our imaginations fly.

Paragraph One--Week One

Really, it had taken so much nerve to drive to this house, Katie Sue-Ann McCall didn't know if she had any more gumption in her to actually get out of her old comfortable Mustang. The house seemed okay, she thought, as she studied the red brick front. It wasn't frightening in any way. Just huge. There were four half-circle shaped steps that led to a massive set of black doors. The handles were big, brassy and curvy. So were the knockers. One one each door. A loud bong sounded in her head as she imagined them actully being used.
She knew one thing. She wasn't going to use them.
Not when there was a perfectly good doorbell to the left.
She placed her shaking left hand on the handle in her car. Her right hand had yet to take the keys out of the ignition. She took a deep breath while she tried to rationalize. She had a choice. Yes, she did. No one forced Katie Sue-Ann McCall do anything. With her left hand still shaking against the car and her right hand hovered over her keys, she shut her eyes, said a prayer and made her choice.

There you go readers. Katie Sue-Ann McCall has begun her journey. You tell us how she proceeds. I'm excited to see what you have in store for our heroine. Is it a journey into the unknown? A retreat back to the familiar to who knows what(or who) is waiting for her?

The time to create has begun.

So, lets jazz January up a bit!! This will inspire our creative minds, inspire us to write and help us work together to make a great story. Are you ready?


  1. As Katie Sue tiptoed over each of the four steps, she tried to imagine, was the house still the same as she remembered from her young childhood, or was her illusion only part of a dream? She had imagined the gardens in full bloom, the guest house and stables painted with magnificent color, the sounds of laughter from the rear patio, these are the things she remembered, or did she ? Would the crotchey old butler answer the door, perhaps she imagined him too. Ima Mindreader, her therapist said this was the first step in moving on. Am I ready, can I do this ? Will they know who I am ? does anyone know that I still exist ? Or is this my worst fear realized, it has all been a dream. I ring the bell.............

  2. Very nice, anonymous...make sure you let us know your name so you can be in the drawing for the prize.

  3. How fun, Lindi! I'll have to try to come back later to write my contribution.


  4. Please do, Missy. I'd love to see what you would have our heroine do.

  5. “I’m going in there.” She gave herself a pep talk while she switched off the keys and wrenched open the door. The whining of the hinges reminded her that, while her car was fun and sharp looking, it was on the brink of falling apart. She needed this job. She needed this job. Repeating the phrase like a mantra, she strode up those elegant steps and reached for the doorbell, only to jump back with a squeak when the door swung open to reveal the most handsome man she’d ever seen, handsome if you didn’t count that fact that he looked mad enough to kill.

  6. I deliberately didn't read the earlier anonymouse paragraph so I wouldn't be influenced by it. Now I just did and I LOVE how different it is from mine.

  7. What was she so afraid of? She hadn't felt this rush of fear in years. What was it that hindered her, yet thrusted her forward at the same time? As the big, black doors came closer, her heart raced faster and faster. She nervously wiped her sweaty hands on her jeans as she approaced the steps. She shakingly grapped the brassy door knockers. Two loud knocks..boom, boom! The door swung open with a woosh and a creak. "It's nice to see you finally made it Katie Sue-Ann McCall. Please come in, we've been waiting for you."

  8. As she mouthed "amen" and prepared to drive away, someone pecked on the window, nearly making her jump out of her skin.

    Her eyes flew open. And she sat, face to face with him. It was him! Nicholas Granger. The man who'd sent the letter and photo. The man who'd asked her to move to his home.

    And to marry him.

  9. How fun! I did what Mary did and waited to read the others after I posted mine.

    Great work, y'all!


  10. Mary, Mrs. H., Missy (the 3 M's)...I love how fun and different the paragraphs are. Great idea Mary in posting then reading.

  11. And yes Mrs. H, I know you meant grabbed instead of grapped. It's okay.

  12. As Katie stepped out a slight breeze blew her hair and tickled her skin. It reminded her of God's warm breath, whispering against the fear of her heart, comforting her. She closed the car door and clicked the lock button on her remote. Her heels smacked against the off-white pavement as she slipped her keys in the side pocket of her purse and shoved the strap over her shoulder.

    She followed the curved sidewalk toward the front door and paused as a low growl rattled the thick bushes lining the horizontal brick porch. This time when the breeze lifted her hair, Katie's skin prickled with goose bumps. The growl came again, more intense.

  13. They were all just the creative imaginations of some college kids she whispered as the keys turned and the motor died. Each step not only brought her closer to the black doors , they also brought a drop in temperature. Well just because that part was true didn’t mean the rest was. Her little sister always did let her mind run wild. Katie Sue-Ann McGall had a level head. None of that story was true. She should use the knocker. That would settle it right now. But what if her sister was right? What if she is thrown into 1243 Scotland. She reached up and grasp the amulet hanging around her neck. It was hot. Her gaze shot down. The amulet glowed!

  14. I love how many went in a scary direction! We may end up having a suspense or paranormal story on our hands. :)

    Watch out, or Mary C. will be dropping in dead bodies somewhere! :)


  15. Cuz,
    Who else would anonymouse be ?

  16. LOL, Cousin Wendy. I wondered if that was you. :)

  17. Missy,

    You WONDERED ????

  18. Missy and both sent TWO paragraphs !!!!

  19. Missy and Jenn didn't send two paragraphs...they just put extra spaces in after the period.....

  20. Uh, oh. I actually did 3! I cheated I guess! :) I just automatically hit enter between thoughts like I do in my stories. I write in a lot of white space. I guess it's just part of my voice.

    Let's just pretend it's one big paragraph. :)

  21. "Katie-Sue, I love you."
    Oh, would he just shut up!
    "Katie-Sue, I love you."
    She ignored him again like she'd ignored his trainers calls. All she had to do was get the bird out of the car, put it on the steps, ring the bell and leave. That's all. She wouldn't have to see him. She wouldn't have to talk to him. Heck, the dumb bird did enough talking for the both of them. Fine. Return the stupid love bird. Fine. She jammed down the handle and pushed the door open before she lost her courage. The door didn't just squeak, it sqwaked like the huge, green parrot every time her answering machine played his voice. She quickly looked at the house. The last thing she needed was the man behind the love bird hearing her before she could run.

  22. She couldn't let the sacrifice of so many go to waste. The cancer treatments at this exclusive clinic were groundbreaking by all accounts. If she backed out now the research could stall, and then how would she live with herself.

    It became a moot argument as the door swung open. Dr. Harrison stood framed in the opening like a renaissance hero in a portrait. There was no backing out now, even if she had wanted to.

  23. Cousin Wendy, I just re-read your paragraph, and it's so good! I really got a kick about Ima Mindreader. LOL I didn't pick that up the first time. :)

  24. Katie stepped out of the car and perused the old house and gardens. It seemed interesting enough, but it appeared run down compared to the Internet pictures. Great, I came here to get away and rest, not take care of an eccentric old lady’s house. As she walked toward the front door a faint smell of something sweet caused her to look around. A single pink rose stood in the middle of the unkempt garden. That’s how she felt, alone and prickly. The solitude is what she needed though, a place where she could focus. She hadn’t written a word and with a deadline for another epic award winning novel just months away, she had no choice but total isolation. The problem was, after all, the tragedy that had befallen her; she no longer welcomed the active imagination she was well respected for. Who wanted to imagine love, betrayal, death, and broken promises when they were happening in real life?

  25. Wow, we are really rolling along here with story ideas. Fabulous.
    Ang, as one who raises birds, love the bird angle. How cute and funny.
    Lisa, maybe we'll get to meet Dr. Richardson..very different and interesting angle..thanks for posting.
    Tammie...the author scenario is fun..we know what she feels, like huh?
    Thanks again all for posting.