Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Let's amp up the contest

So just for the fun of it, if you add one sentence to someone else's paragraph from Lindi's contest, I'll add you into a contest for a free book today. So here's what you have to do. . .

Pick anyone of the paragraphs from the story yesterday (in the comments or Lindi's) and add only one very descriptive sentence that tells us something about the weather, the scents Katie-Sue is experiencing or something physical that happens to her. Your goal is to add one of the five senses.

The prize? Only Nuns Change Habits Over Night by Karen Scalf Linamen.

Ready. Set. Go!



  1. Angie, I've tried several times this evening to post to your blog! It freezes every time. So I'm going to put it here, and if you could post it to the comments, I'd appreciate it!

    My comment:

    Angie, this was so hard to do! When I went to read everyone's paragraphs, I found they all did a great job on the 5 senses. Mine had the least in it! (And that's a typical flaw of mine.) So I'm going to upgrade my paragraphs.

    Still silence filled the car, an unnatural calm broken up only by the occasional click or pop as the car cooled. As she mouthed "amen" and prepared to drive away, someone pecked on the window, nearly making her jump out of her skin.

    Her eyes flew open. And she sat, face to face with him. It was him! Nicholas Granger. The man who'd sent the letter and photo. The man who'd asked her to move to his home.

    And to marry him.

    Okay, Thanks! I had fun adding in some more sounds. :)


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  2. Hey folks, I don't know what or why the post was freezing today, but please come back and try again. I posted Missy's for her to get it going. So sorry for the delay. The contest is still on for the book give away through Sunday.

  3. Thanks for adding this incentive, Ang. Sorry I didn't get here yesterday. I had someone email me that they couldn't post. Now I know why.