Friday, January 16, 2009

Overcoming, Dealing and Moving On...

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I claim to be a writer who is affected by the goings-on of my atmosphere.

Atmosphere... meaning: family, work, my health, etc....

This can be quite frustrating because being affected by everything around me doesn't help my writing, it hinders it.

I normally don't write because I'm too tired; I'm too upset by whatever is going on; My nose is too stuffed up that somehow my brain has stopped working all together. These are some of my excuses for not writing.

But this week, I'm happy to report, I had a breakthrough.

Without going into the details of what was causing my stress, let's just say my stress was coming from at least three angles and
I wanted to cry at certain times.

But I didn't!

Nope. I faced the stress dead on. I prayed about it. Prayed more. My stress isn't over, but God will show me how to get through it. This week, I kept moving forward, resting in the knowledge that God is in control. His spirit is guiding me.

I'd been praying about my writing. I'd prayed a while back, that if I wasn't meant to do this, in the Lord's wonderful will, then I wanted to lay the writing down. Just take the desire, away, Lord, to become published and to have this be a profession one day. If this was not His will, then I don't want to follow it.

I haven't written in a while. The Contest Buzz piqued my interest. I'm curious to see what feedback the judges will give my story. So I began working again. And of course, life happens. Stressful things you wouldn't imagine happen, but have been boiling under the surface broke through. No way would I be able to write with all of this hanging over my head...

Yet, I went on to work, because that's something I have to do. This week, I made sure to take my lunch break and I didn't go shopping or anywhere outside of the building. This may sound menial to you, but for me to sit down in the break area by myself, well, it's a big step. During lunch, I want to decompress. Get away from the fury of the phones. This week, I knew I couldn't/shouldn't go out- especially shopping- and I stayed at work, sat down at a table alone and pulled out a simple notebook I've been carrying around for months. Well, the other day at lunch, in the midst of people walking in and out, saying hello and stopping to chat, I was able to get a rough synopsis out. I know it isn't great in terms of great novel writing, but the fact is I wrote something. Writing something is better than writing nothing any day! And this something was a full page synopsis for my WIP.

Somehow I overcame the busyness of the break area. I said hello to those I knew, but I focused on the task at hand. I'm proud because I made progress, despite the mess we find ourselves in with life.

Did you overcome something this week?

Or did you succumb to the mess once again and wish you'd done something different?

Whatever happened this week, a new week is about to begin. Pray about what you want to accomplish and pray to find God's will in what you want. Pray that His will coincides with your desires and if it does not, then pray for a release of your desires for that want. Through Christ, we will have all the glory!

Happy weekend to you!


  1. Christy,
    I was just thinking something similar this morning. I am dealing with some stress and trying to hand it over to God and not take it back. This situation has in the past overwhelmed me in a way that I was unable to write at times which only added to that stress! right?

    But God has blessed me with a stronger focus and now I find the joy again in sinking into my writing world and blocking out the rest. What a blessing. I'd like to say it's my strength but I know very well it is God who is supplying it.

    In fact I am getting more done than I would have ever imagined.
    I thank Him for that and for your progress and I pray that we continue to know what this urge to write is all about and how it can serve Him! And how it seems to help us.

    thanks for sharing these thoughts with us

  2. Christy, I'm so glad you plowed through and wrote that synopsis!

    And good for you, too, Debra, for keeping up the good work.

    It's hard to write when things aren't going well. Sometimes it's hard to write even when things are going well! LOL Fact is, it's hard work, period (even though it's work I LOVE to do). So if we're called to do it, then we need to stick with it.

    One of my goals last year, and I kept it for this year, was to hold up my end of the "bargain." God will provide the stories, but I have to show up at the keyboard. That's what I'm trying to do.


  3. Christy,

    I can only say...perservere. We've talked before as I've gone through similar situations. Every time I prayed if I was to stop writing, God would confirm I was on the "write" path. Be encouraged. You'll learn to prioritize and compartmentalize everything.

    I miss reading your story so I hope you make some wonderful progress soon.


  4. Debra, Thank you for sharing. I want to be the way you described again. To seek out my writing as an escape. thank you for your prayers!

  5. Missy,
    I like what you said about you holding up your end of the bargain!
    God provides the stories and you show up at the keyboard. It's good to think of it as not being alone, but working together with God!

  6. Thanks, Dianna,
    And you're right about compartmentalizing... Yeah, we have definitely talked about this before! I guess I shouldn't be hard on myself, I've only been back to work for a year and the issues coming up now have never come up in this way before. It's just taking each day one at a time.

  7. Christy,

    I can definitely relate. I've shared with you F.A.I.T.H. ladies our new challenges with my daughter and her new medication, but we are also still dealing with my FIL and his health issues, on top of work-related things--like a million dollors taken from our budget due to the economy and another million to next year's budget. I dreamed I got laid off last night. As a result, I haven't written very much on my WIP. I wasn't able to persevere and plow through this week. But tomorrow starts a whole new week!

  8. Jenn, You do have a lot on your plate. I pray you can work through it all, block it out briefly and escape to your writing.

    And in the words of Scarlett O'Hara: "Tommorow is another day!"