Thursday, February 5, 2009

Deb Dixon Workshop!

How many of you writers have heard of GMC? Goal, Motivation and Conflict. Well, Deb Dixon wrote the excellent book, Goal, Motivation and Conflict, The Building Blocks of Good Fiction, that taught us all to look for it in our stories. And she's going to be doing a workshop in Atlanta in April! I wanted to post info about it below in case you can come. I've attended some of Deb's workshops before and have learned so much! I hope you'll try to come to this one.

Understanding your "Book-In-A-Day."
The intensive workshop covers the three most important elements of popular fiction-goal, motivation and conflict (GMC), and how those elements work with the mythic structure of Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey to help writers conceive and create strong plots and compelling characters. The Book-In-A-Day workshop provides the tools a writers needs to shape a story and create a road map to writing it.

Bio: Bestselling author Debra Dixon swears she didn’t intend to start a cult when she first gave her popular workshop on Goal, Motivation and Conflict. It just worked out that way. The workshop spawned more workshops and a book, GMC: Goal, Motivation and Conflict, which is in its eighth printing. GMC has become a must-read for anyone studying the craft of fiction or trying to break into publishing.

In between writing books for New York publishers, Debra developed a novel writing course for the University of Memphis. She travels extensively each year speaking at conferences and leading workshops on the craft and business of writing. (Except in Australia. What’s up with that? She says she’d go but no one’s asked.)

Debra’s served as Vice-President for Romance Writers of America. Her work has been honored with a zillion awards. (Well, close anyway.) In October her fantasy work was included in WITCH HIGH, an anthology from DAW, a imprint of Penguin Group.

She's also the over-hyped CEO of BelleBooks, a small press founded with five other commercial fiction writers. Since opening their doors ten years ago, their authors have included NYT Bestsellers Sarah Addison Allen, Sharon Sala, Sabrina Jefferies, and Deborah Smith, as well as previously unpublished authors. They’ve even had an author make a couple of appearances on Oprah. Most recently they’ve signed an established suspense author Mark NyKanen (THE BONE PARADE, HUSH) who picked up four Emmys in his "other" career in television news.

9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Hilton Atlanta Northeast - Norcross, GA
Take me to the Workshop Registration!
*** Registration is just 35.00 for GRW members!
45.00 RWA members
55.00 non-RWA members ***
Registration Deadline: April 11, 2009

Missy again. I'm all registered for the workshop. Who's going to join me?? :)
So, how many of you do a GMC chart for your manuscripts before you start writing. (I do!)


  1. A GMC chart? Oh yes! I had the pleasure of going to a Debra Dixon workshop and bought the book many years ago. I always use her GMC chart when I'm plotting.

    If I am judging a contest entry and I can't see where things are going in those first 20-30 pgs, I often offer this little gem:

    The character wants ___________ (goal) because he ___________ (motivation) but ______________(conflict).

    I encourage any writer who isn't confident in their character/plot to go to this workshop or purchase the book. Especially beginning writers.

  2. If only I lived closer. That'd be an awesome workshop.

  3. Debra, I'm so glad you shared the GMC sentence! It helps to have that for each character, and to do one for both internal and external GMC.

    And Mindy, I wish you lived closer!

  4. I'll be there! And I'm registered! How's that, I'm on time for something!

    Deb Dixon's GMC chart helped me see fiction writing in a whole new way. I know my writing has improved in part by her book.

    Hey Mindy, come on over! You could reside at Chateau LaShea... It's a cute little house not far from the lake complete with a handsome chef, cute 4 yr old maid, and a Labrador and English bulldog(who don't do anything in particular except lay around, eat and get fat!)

  5. Hey- I'm on board!! Registered and ready to learn, ready to be motivated, and ready to have a great time with a lot of great writers.

    See you guys there.