Saturday, February 14, 2009

F.A.I.T.H. would like to wish you

Here at F.A.I.T.H. we write about love and romance God's way, not the world's way. A lot of times when I talk to people regarding Christian romance or Inspirational romance, they seem to have a strange perception of what Christian fiction is. The world seems to think it's going to lack something that they expect in their romance novels, or it's going to be preachy and they don't want to be preached at when they are in the mood for a good romance.

For those of you who have never tried Christian romance, I want to dispel some misconceptions for you:

You will not be preached at. Preaching is a no, no in Christian romance/Inspirational romance. Christian publishers "get it" that you aren't in the mood for a sermon when you want to a little entertainment and would like to curl up with a good book.

Characters are not perfect, they must be flawed or there can't be any growth in our characters.
Not all characters must be Christian, or "saved".

Murders, violence, and crimes do happen in our fiction because that is the reality of the world we live in. How do people recover from these things? That is part of the inspirational message--hope in the midst of a fallen world where it seems like there is no hope when bad things happen to us and our loved ones.

While it is true you won't find a sex scene in a Christian romance, you will find sensuality, love and romance. Isn't true love deeper than sex anyway? Even when I read a mainstream romance novel, I skip the sex scenes. It isn't an integral part of the story--the emotion between the hero and heroine is.

It is true you will receive an inspirational message that might instill hope, positive thinking, give you a satisfying read, and make you feel like the world isn't as bad as you thought. What's wrong with a little hope and inspiration? Personally, I think we could all use a dose of it.

It is true you will see a level of faith. One character may be a strong Christian, while another character hates God. But you will see a level of change in the one who hates God as he/she is influenced by the strong believer. We are all influenced by loved ones around us. In the real world, very few Christians live in a vacuum and never touch the lives of those around them, even if they don't go around on a lifelong mission to save everyone they come in contact with.

Some nonChristians have soft hearts and would do anything to help others. I've seen it happen, so it will happen in our books. After all, they are still part of God's creation and loved by Him, even if they don't believe it and if they don't return that love. Their reality is what they believe, but it isn't the reality of the universe. That still exists outside of them.

Give an inspirational romance a try and enjoy this great day!