Monday, February 9, 2009

February---The Month of Love

Ah, February. Valentines Day. Love.
It's what we write about. Whether we are writing romances or other stories, there's some sort of thread of love involved. Especially if we're talking about Christian stories because our God is a God of love.
So the stories we pen can't help but have some aspect of love.
I write love stories. I've said it before here on this blog and I'll say it again.....
I love love!
I really enjoy reading all kinds of books. But the books I write are all about romance. Guy/girl, falling in love in spite of their differences, their difficulties, themselves.
There's nothing like those first falling in love feelings. Like when you realize for the first time you are in love. When you figure out when something happens, good or bad, there's that ONE person you want to tell first. That look you see in their eyes--that look that's only for you.
One of my favorite things to do is to ask couples how they met. They aren't all love at first sight stories--most of them aren't. But they are still interesting. So who's willing to share? How did you meet your guy/girl? We'd love to hear. You never know, you may inspire some writer!!
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  1. I love those first feelings of love, too, which is why I write inspirational YA!

    And my husband and I met at work - he was in the art department, I was in the photo department. We discovered we had a lot in common and became very good friends. After almost a year, it finally hit me that I wanted more than friendship - and he did, too! Our relationship came together so perfectly as well, and I credit it all to the fact we were friends first.

    L. Diane Wolfe

  2. What a sweet story, Diane! I love to hear about friends becoming...more than friends. :)

    I met my husband on a retreat. By the end of the weekend, he asked for my phone number. :)


  3. I LOVE LOVE too!!!!! Of course, I have to have some sort of paranormal obstacles to overcome in my stories....LOL. **smile**

    I've been married 12.5 years to my soul mate. Met in college as freshman, but it wasn't until my junior year did I work up the nerve to ask him out.

    I was his RA (Resident Assistant), so I saw him a lot. Well, anyway, my sweet hubby played basketball. I was sitting next to his best friend, Jay. Jay was a crazy outgoing man...just nuts crazy know the type? Radio DJ.....etc.

    Ok, anyway, Jay said, "Sheri (oh, that's my real name btw), you and Charlie would look good together, you know?"

    "I said. I KNOW, I'm workin' on it."

    We laughed. BUT, it gets better.

    Jay said he was going to tell Charlie what I said. And I'm like, "Jay, what is this, sixth grade?"

    SO, I went over and talked to Charlie later that night and asked him out.

    Oh, memories! I LOVE LOVE.

    Great post

  4. Lynn/Sheri :), what a great story!!

    Okay, I just don't think I could call you Sheri after seeing you as Lynn on blogs! LOL


  5. Diane,
    What a great story. You guys had a really great friendship to start the relationship. That's so important. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Missy and I have our own stories about her hubby!! But they are so cute together. Always have been.

  7. Lynn, You go girl! Ask that guy out. How fun!! And yes, sometimes no matter how old we get we do act way young, huh? Thanks for sharing.

  8. LOL, Lindi! I guess we can't share those. :)

    Speaking of friends moving on to more... My June book, His Forever Love, is about that! Best buddies falling in love. :) I just love those stories!!

  9. Actually, I met my hubby selling insurance. He was a referral from friends. I was a single mom and he was a single dad. I left my lights on accidentally and asked him for a jump. You can imagine what he says I said!