Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Giving out of cheerfulness

There are lots of charitable opportunities. So many places where we can show our hearts and our character. Let's think of it in two ways today.

1. How can I pursue my passion?
For me it is in how I spend my time and money. I volunteer with the Jadyn Fred Foundation, my church, my kid's schools and also in my writing organizations. But I also have the opportunity to show how important I feel the children of the world are this week. I have the added blessing of being able to buy (and collect from others) school supplies for one school in Iraq. I'm so excited to do this because these kids have nothing and this gives them the chance to learn and grow while I have the chance to share my heart by helping them.

2. How can that translate into writing?
I'd love to hear your thoughts on this too. For me, I can write articles and devotionals but it can also translate into fiction through activities that show my hero/heroine's hearts. It makes for a much more well-rounded character in any book. Ask yourself when you are writng: What causes are important to my character? Who would he/she help without question? Would they volunteer anywhere?

Yes, fiction and real life definitely blur ;-)
PS If you would like to donate school supplies to a school in Iraq also, please contact me. And you can read more about my passions at God Uses Broken Vessels.


  1. I would like to get into missions more, at least learning more about the process.

    I don't participate in many charitable opportunities, not because I don't want to, it just seems opportunity passes me by. However I donated a lot of clothing and household goods to Atlanta Nspire who help those in need recently.

    I think fiction and real life becoming a blur can be a good thing. life is stranger than fiction.

  2. I've had characters who volunteer. In my first book, my heroine takes in runaways (because she herself was one). In my upcoming June book, my heroine and a secondary character both work with children at a community center. Plus, that character deals with the problem of busyness since she's on every committee at church. She has to learn to let some go.

    So yes, I agree! I think it really adds to characterization. :)


  3. Volunteerism for our characters is a great idea. I like that--even for an historical.