Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hidden Blessings

This week I've lost four pounds. I didn't try to do this. It just happened. For once, I know why it happened. I have a lot of things in my life right now that are stressing me out. The thing is, I'm closer to the weight I had tried to lose in January when I couldn't lose it. So when things go wrong, but something good comes from it anyway, is it still bad?

Often I sit down to write a scene and I have the way it should go in my mind, but an hour later, what I've written is completely different. What went wrong? I can't help but sit there going, okay, that isn't how I planned it. Then I wonder, should I keep it the way it is or rewrite it?

What I've discovered from experience is that sometimes when things go wrong--they actually go right. It may be the muse that overtakes your writing or the gentle swaying of the Holy Spirit, but a different direction than we might have intended could be a hidden blessing. We can call it providence, fate, destiny, or anything we want, but it's still the same thing--the path we are supposed to take.

Even though we didn't see the turn that took us by surprise, it doesn't mean that it wasn't meant to be. It only means that we didn't have that part of the map available to us. But you can be assured that God has the map of your entire journey. And that is part of faith, trusting Him to take us on the journey of life's surprises and hidden blessings.


  1. "Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails." Proverbs 19:21


  2. Great post, Jenn. And great verse, Mindy! :)

    I think of God's perfect timing when I think of hidden blessings. Sometimes we don't realize something is a blessing until later, when we can see what God has been doing all along.