Monday, February 2, 2009

Jazzin January---The End

Yes, it's February. It's time to announce the winner of the bling and gift card. It's also time to read how Katie Sue-Ann McCall's life turned out.

Really, it had taken so much nerve to drive to this house, Katie Sue-Ann McCall didn't know if she had any more gumption in her to actually get out of her old comfortable Mustang. The house seemed okay, she thought, as she studied the red brick front. It wasn't frightening in any way. Just huge. There were four half-circle shaped steps that led to a massive set of black doors. The handles were big, brassy and curvy. So were the knockers. One one each door. A loud bong sounded in her head as she imagined them actully being used.
She knew one thing. She wasn't going to use them.
Not when there was a perfectly good doorbell to the left.
She placed her shaking left hand on the handle in her car. Her right hand had yet to take the keys out of the ignition. She took a deep breath while she tried to rationalize. She had a choice. Yes, she did. No one forced Katie Sue-Ann McCall do anything. With her left hand still shaking against the car and her right hand hovered over her keys, she shut her eyes, said a prayer and made her choice.
What was she so afraid of? She hadn't felt this rush of fear in years. What was it that hindered her, yet thrusted her forward at the same time? As the big, black doors came closer, her heart raced faster and faster. She nervously wiped her sweaty hands on her jeans as she approaced the steps. She shakingly grabbed the brassy door knockers. Two loud knocks..boom, boom! The door swung open with a woosh and a creak. "It's nice to see you finally made it Katie Sue-Ann McCall. Please come in, we've been waiting for you."
Recognizing the curt tone it was instantly apparent this was the woman she spoke with on the phone. Katie nervously shifted her weight forward to enter as an emaciated old hand rose to point toward a room off the foyer. “He has been waiting for you a long time.” The woman’s judgmental eyes and harsh words penetrated straight down to her soul. Didn’t this woman realize how excruciating the decision was all those years ago? Barely able to support her own weight she preceded forward into the room where she would meet her son.
This woman, her ex Mother-in law......... she seemed as miserable with herself as she did all of those years ago, rude without a doubt, the lines in her face as I remembered. But it was my son, my "Bradley", the only thing that gave me reason to live. If I only had the means that they did, to raise him, take care of his needs. If only her son, my husband, were still alive.........he would be on my side, he always had been. I have decided, right now, that this will all change.

I took a step towards my son. My son! I knew without a doubt that crazy woman was watching my every move. I didn't care. I'm finally meeting my son.
"Hello, Mother," he said quietly.
He had blonde hair, bluest of blue eyes, a round face and his fathers chin. Tears stung my eyes as his little arms went around my neck. The smell of him, the softness, the reality of this would be the most precious memory I would ever have.
"Hello, baby. My sweet, sweet, baby."
My words were barely a whisper. Only for him to hear. I had other words for my ex-mother in law.
"Are you packed? The moving truck will be here in an hour. I trust you got the papers proving this house, this estate all of this is mine."
The expression on her face didn't hide the hatred she felt for me. I didn't care.
"I got the papers. But this isn't the end, Kathryn Suzanne."
"You're wrong. You see this is the end for Kathryn Suzanne. From now on, I'm Katie Sue-Ann."

Okay, so I had to write the last paragraph. Sorry!! But all the names from the other three weeks were put into the trusty pink-polka dotted box and a winner was drawn.

Congratulations-----Tammie D. who posted January 14th at 7:39 pm....and if I know Tammie I bet she wants a Starbucks card.

Thanks to all who participated. It was lots of fun. Maybe we'll do it again this year. Keep writing, keep imagining and don't ever give up!!


  1. Great job, ladies. Congrats to Tammie!

  2. Congrats~!!

    At least you guys were brave enough to try.

    I am a WIMP! Just watched it all unfold....

  3. Lynn, you need to jump in next time! :)

    Congrats, Tammie!

  4. Congrats, Tammie! I think it's cool how different people can pull together and write a story. It's interesting to see the direction it took.

  5. and everybody----I told Lynn to write as anonymous....but she still wouldn't do it!!

    Thanks for keeping up with this crazy story everybody. I, like Jenn, like to see how all minds work together. It's fun.

  6. Tammie, you also win a copy of the book Only Nuns Change Habits Overnight! Whoo hoo!

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