Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Love

Like my Bachelor-watching buddy, Lindi, I LOVE love. There's a reason I write romance. The only thing better than falling in love is watching others fall in love.

Yesterday, Lindi asked us to share how we met our spouses. Today, let's delve into the romance.

There's something my husband does that makes me want to melt every time. He gives me flowers on my sons' birthdays. He says it's because I'm the one who did all the work. To me, it says how much he appreciates me and loves that I'm the mother of his children.

What's the most romantic thing anyone (doesn't have to be your spouse, but if it's a boyfriend, it'd better be from before the spouse :-) has ever done for you?


  1. OMG. Flowers on your sons' birthdays. WOW. I let out an audible sigh when I read that. **smile**

    The most romantic thing my sweet hubby has done for me is...on our fifth anniversary, he told me to get in the car, he had a surprise.

    I had to close my eyes the entire drive...while he drove around town, we ended up at this really nice hotel in town.

    It was awesome. **smile**

  2. I can only pick one?!
    I remember coming home from a road trip and there was a sign on the back door that read "Château le Wolfe" with a dinner menu and when I entered, he'd cooked a wonderful multi-course meal for me! Plus lit a candle.
    The ultimate thing he ever did for someone else was one year for his birthday, he sent his mother flowers. Made her cry! (Your husband's gift made me think of it.)

    L. Diane Wolfe

  3. Lynn, I would LOVE it if my husband would take initiative to do something like that. Our fifteenth anniversary is this year and I keep telling him we need to do something special, go somewhere, since we haven't been anywhere without kids since our honeymoon. He usually changes the subject.

  4. Diane,

    Dinner and candlelight? Oh you've got a romantic-at-heart on your hands. And how precious for him to recognize his mother like that. I'll have to wait to see if my boys will carry on their father's tradition.

  5. I love it when I find little notes on my dashboard. They are always so unexpected!

  6. My husband is one who likes to surprise me. We don't tend to celebrate offical holidays like valentines, christmas - we celebrate, just dont purchase things for each other - but he will surprise me with a present for no reason.

    Once, he called me home from work complaining he needed to go to the doctor and was quite believeable.I rushed home worried (This was in the early part of our marriage ;))
    Anyway, he said he needed something out of the refrige when I arrived. I was miffed because I'd driven all the way home and expected us to hop right in the car and head to the hospital! No, no, he had to have the ice pack out of the refrige, get me that cold cloth out of the refrige he said. So I opened the refrige and inside was a bright blue bag from Gainesville Jewelry - I opened up the bag and inside was a black velvet ring case holding the anniversary band I'd mentioned I wanted - only this one was MUCH BIGGER!!!

    That took place about 9 years ago and I still wear this ring 24/7. He also bought me some brilliant diamond earrings, but that story is for another day - that was another huge surprise!

    Yeah, I'm keeping this sweet guy around for a while ;)

  7. Oh, I'm loving all these stories!

    Probably the most romantic thing my hubby did is propose where we first met--by a water fountain at the youth center of the church. :) And he did it on the one-year anniversary of our first date. And it was a huge suprise because he'd told me he didn't want to get married until after seminary. And rolled up in the ring was a little note that said: Will you? THIS year?

    So we got married with a year still to go in seminary! (5 months after that proposal.) :)