Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Please Welcome Our Guest, Miralee Ferrell, Author of Love Finds You In Last Chance, CA

Love Finds You In Last Chance, CA. by Miralee Ferrell
It's 1877 and Alexia Travers is alone in the world. Her father has died unexpectedly, leaving her burdened with a heavily mortgaged horse ranch. Marrying one of the town's all-too-willing bachelors would offer an easy solution, but Alex has no interest in marriage. Instead, she dons men's trousers and rides the range, determined to make the ranch a success on her own.

But despite Alex's best efforts, everything seems to go wrong: ranch hands quit, horses are stolen, and her father's gold goes missing. Alex is at her wit's end when wrangler Justin Phillips arrives in Last Chance with his young son, looking for a job. But there seems to be more to Justin's story than he's willing to share. Will Alex ever be able to trust him? More importantly, will the independent woman finally learn to depend on God?

Angie: How did you use things that might have happened to you and correlate them with your characters?

Miralee: One of the most interesting is that we used to own two cougars. We got the first one from a breeder and the second was a rescue from someone who wasn't treating the female cougar well. I hated having Justin shoot the big cat in my book, but their behavior is something I'm familiar with, so it was easy to write.

Also, Alexia's dog Hunter is a perfect depiction of my daughter Marnee's dog...a 110 lb German Shepherd with personality, plus.

One other thing that happened to me years ago was the episode in the kitchen where Alexia cut her finger with the knife and almost fainted. We were newlyweds and I was fixing dinner. The knife slipped and I sliced my finger. That typically wouldn't make me faint, but I saw white showing through when I ran it under water and thought I'd cut it to the bone. My husband caught me before I hit the floor.

Angie: I see this is your first historical. Was it hard for you to switch from a contemporary to a setting of over 100 yrs ago?

Miralee: I thought it might be and wondered when I pitched the book to Summerside if I’d be able to pull it off. I saw myself as a contemporary writer and six months earlier would have said I’d never write a historical. In fact, I pitched the story line as a contemporary, but after brainstorming with my editor, we agreed it would be better served as a historical. I loved writing about this time period and had so much fun fleshing out the variety of characters in the book to fit the old west theme. It’s not your typical ‘prairie romance’, as it does have a bit of gun play, one fight scene (but none of these are graphic), and a suspense thread. I grew up reading Zane Grey books, which colored my writing style somewhat.

Angie: What's coming up for you in the future?

Miralee: I'm in the midst of the editing phase for the sequel to The Other Daughter for Kregel Publications that will release at the end of this year. I'm also working on another project for Summerside Press, and starting to write the third and last book for the Kregel series. Of course, I have other books rattling around in my head begging to be written, but I can only work on two at a time.

Angie: Do you plan on returning to contemporary, or will this be a permanent genre change?

Miralee: I think I’ll be doing quite a bit of both. My next two books with Kregel will both be contemporary, but I have two books in mind that I’ll be pitching to Summerside (and others) that are set in the time period between 1900 and 1929. Not quite the old west, but still definitely historical.

Angie: Where can folks find you for book signings or special events in the near future?

Miralee: The best place is to visit my web site and click on the 'Speaking' link, or watch my blog for announcements. The addresses are or

I am available for conference/speaker phone calls with book clubs (that aren't too far from my home), or for speaking at women's groups, church functions, etc., along with book signings, depending on the location and distance.

Thank you so much for joining us today, and for part 2 in the interview, visit God Uses Broken Vessels today :-) Leave me a comment for your chance at a copy of Miralee's book!


  1. Good Morning!
    Thanks for your time Miralee. I found it very interesting that you 'went' historical' as a sort-of afterthought. Apparently it was a great decision. Love the book cover, by the way.

    I have to be honest and say I don't think I've heard much about Kregel and Summerside. Do you mind sharing about how you came to work with those two publishers?

  2. Hi Debra,

    Thank you for visiting and for your comments and questions. Kregel Publications has been around since the mid 1950's, and is especially known in Christian publishing for non-fiction/Christian living. My agent sent my first manuscript to them after I pitched the story line to an editor at a conference.

    Summerside Press is a new company that started up a little over a year ago. They're making huge footprints in the sand and are doing amazing things in the marketing world. My books are placed in Sam's Club, Walmart, Borders, Barnes & Noble, and in most larger Christian book stores, as well as all the online sources.
    Another well known author recommended my writing to the publisher at Summerside and they contacted me for a proposal.

    I've loved working with both Houses and would love to stay put, but we'll see what the future brings!


  3. I'm finally arriving late today! Excellent interview, Angie and Miralee. And thanks for sharing the info on your publishers Miralee!


  4. Hi Miralee,
    I'm late as usual, but wanted to thank you for doing the interview. Sounds like you are doing great things and are able to write different genres--how fun!! You get the best of both worlds.
    Christy on this blog has a story (I think) that takes place in the early 1900's.

    Thanks again Ang and Miralee!!

  5. Hi Missy, it's nice to meet you! And you're very welcome. Tbank you for taking the time to drop by and leave a comment.

  6. Hi Belinda, thank you for taking the time to read the interview and leave a comment, late or not. It's lovely to meet you and to be interviewed on this site. I haven't met Christy, but one of my strongest secondary characters in my Last Chance book is named Christy. I wanted to spell it Kristy, but it was too modern for 1877, LOL!