Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's built into your DNA?

I have this theory about families passing on talents and abilities through their DNA. I've noticed that families with teachers spawn teachers and families with singers birth yet more singers. Some of it is mimicry, sure. But if a person doesn't have the talent-well-it's noticeable even if someone in their gene pool has it.

I read in Leviticus a long time ago about God handing out the jobs to the different family lines. I've been watching for several years in our modern world to see how true that might be today.

My family has generation after generation of preachers, teachers and singers. I didn't realize how many writers. My grandfather was all of these in his 99 plus years of life. He spoke of the many teachers. He sang with me. He wrote a book. The family stories are of the many teachers and musicians. I began to wonder. Then it was very noticeable in my own children. We all sing! All of my natural children write. One is planning on becoming a teacher and coach. It seems to be in their DNA.

I've noticed that some of it is learned, but that some talent has to be inborn as if God knit it into the DNA of each person. I love watching people as they seem to prove my theory time after time.

I don't want to prove it to anyone else. Instead, think about the families you know. Do you know artists or musicians? Do you know families where everyone seems to be excellent at math or science and others that seem excellent with languages?

Look around you and ponder the possibility that your own talents and gifts may have come to you directly through your DNA. What seems to run in your family? Who in your family line shares your talents and gifts?

What do you think? Have you read about the declaration of talents and service in Leviticus? Is it possible that when God commanded certain family lines to be woodworkers, priests, singers etc. that He handed that down through the centuries as the way it would be?

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Thanks for playing with your imagination with me:-)


  1. Great topic! I agree with you and have spouted the same theory for years. I see the evidence in my own family (singers, writers-most unpubbed, and a servant mentality to help others).

    I also see the same genetic tracing through my students. Many people outside the school systems don't realize that when one student receives services for a learning disability or other disability, often brothers and sisters are identified too. Many call this stereotyping, but most often it is not. When the skills are not there, it is noticable. Likewise, those families with exceptionally bright children show up too...not just one, but often all of them.

    The scripture also states that blessings follow the family line for a thousand generations and curses for three generations. Personally, I think this is linked those little DNA strands too. Such as alcoholism, various addictions, etc. I have been praying diligently for the last many years for God to break those strands of curses with my generation and let the blessings begin. God said all we had to do was ask right?

  2. I totally agree. I've been praying for my children and their marriages to break the curse of divorce. I love that blessings travel farther than curses, don't you?! Wouldn't it be awesome to go back through our lineage in heaven? I'd love to get to know those that went before me.

  3. Finally, I can post! I tried early today but I think the bad weather was messing with everything.

    We're a family of teachers on both sides... my mom, my dad, my sister, a cousin and me. And then on my husband's side...two grandparents, a sister, two or three cousins, an uncle. All teachers! Amazing.

    Great post, Angie. Very interesting. And Dianna, thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  4. This is very interesting, Angie. i'm reading Leviticus now. I'll be pondering this .... :)

  5. Yes, as a amateur genealogist I pay attention to stuff like that, especially anything mentioned in the Word about it.

    My daughter is a great swimmer. I hate to swim, but my husband loves it. My grandmother was a lifeguard at the YMCA in the 1940's.

    My father had febrile convulsions as an infant. I had them and my brother, and then my daughter.