Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Breaking News :-)

I have two things to tell you about today. First, if you would like to join the new official ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) Group on facebook, you can find it here:

AND I absolutely love the teaching from Margie Lawson so I invite you too . . .

How-to Author Interview!

Margie Lawson’s High Energy Interview Series

Wednesday, March 25th
-- Features Lee Lofland, author of

* Writers Digest Bestseller
* Macavity Award Nominee for Best Mystery Non-fiction

Drop by Five Scribes Blogspot on March 25th, read the in-depth interview, and ask your police and crime related questions:

Lee Lofland's fact sheet includes:
* Former police detective
* Nationally acclaimed expert on police procedure and crime-scene investigation
* Consultant for bestselling authors, television, and film writers
* The Graveyard Shift, Lee’s uber-popular, informative, entertaining blog --
Beware – Lee’s blog is addictive!

Post a comment on the Five Scribes Blog for a chance to win:
-- A signed copy of POLICE PROCEDURE & INVESTIGATION: A Guide for Writers
-- A 300+ page Lecture Packet from Margie Lawson.

Questions? Want to recommend a how-to author to be interviewed?

See you Wednesday, March 25th, on the Five Scribes blog.

All smiles...............Margie

Happy Wednesday :-)

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