Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hidden Troubles

Tonight our kiddo called to say her email was sending out a Trojan Horse. Too late. I opened it. I sure hope it isn't dangerous to macs.

Isn't it funny, though, that these viruses are so sneaky? Just like those things that bother us in our lives. They stay hidden until we crash and they are usually a surprise even though a small siren is going off that we don't recognize.

I thought it was an odd email, but the subject line is 99% of how she starts an instant message with me. Instant message being the first clue. She doesn't email, she IM's me over Skype. The email said, How r u? in the subject line.

Then it opened to the body of an email with colorful figures that looked like they were dancing. I clicked on the link that said to open for party pics. Nothing happened. So I clicked again. sigh. I wonder what happened in the background now.

Have you ever felt odd about something, tried it, tried it again and later found out it was deceptive? Yet all along there was a tingling oddity. She never emails, she always IM Skypes. Should have known. Hindsight.

So if you do get a funny email about party pics, do not open it.



  1. I think it's a combination of God warning us and that thing called women's intuition. (Which is probably the same thing!)

    I don't always heed the warning in my head that says 'don't' but I do it more often now that when I was young.

    And really hope it did NOT mess up your computer!

    L. Diane Wolfe

  2. Grrrrrrr. I've never had a virus, yet. Knock on wood. I'm a mac user, but we're not immune, I don't think...but who knows.

  3. Diane, I agree about a woman's intuition! I usually always trust it. And I'm trying to teach my daughter to trust it as well. (Even my hubby has learned to trust it--mine that is!) :)

    Angie, such a great post. And thanks for the warning. I don't have a mac so will need to be extra careful.


  4. Well, I was able to delete 3 files downloaded and haven't yet had a problem. I am praying that I won't, that's for sure.

    I don't like the "wait and see" situation, but what else can ya' do in a situation like this? Taking it in is cost prohibitive. Such is life.

    Thanks :-)