Friday, March 6, 2009

Writing as Therapy?

I'll warn you.

I've probably posted on this topic before. If you recall the date and time of my last post regarding this subject, just look the other way. Don't tell me.

You see, I'm like one long, run-on sentence. I'm going on and on and sometimes though I have a lot to say, I'm saying the same thing I've said before.

Make sense?

Nevertheless, I've recently found out that my writing can be therapy. And if you've ever been in therapy before, you may have been advised to write down your feelings.

If you've been angry with someone, have you ever written them a letter - saying everything you wanted to say to that person - and a lot of times it's not nice things you've written - but at the end of the letter you felt better?

Writing can be therapy.

What about us as writers? Are we really a therapists nightmare? I have no idea. I've never met with one, however that doesn't mean I may not need one.

I think we as writers have an advantage. This is an advantage I just realized I had. After going through some stressful situations, I would draw into myself. Feel all bad about the situation and huff and puff my way around the house. I wasn't writing. Heck, I was too darn mad to write. Then I was mad at myself because time had passed and I'd let my anger, my worry, my fears, my depression, get the best of me and take over something I truly love!


How about putting that anger, worry, fear, depression into my characters! Make those characters say things they shouldn't. Use that fear and worry to be portrayed in our characters who are facing their own giants. Take that depression, stir it in our character's hearts and see if they take action or take to hiding under the covers. (Let's hope if we're talking your hero/heroine, they're going to shuck that depression and take action!)

Now it's your turn. I don't care if you're not a writer. There's a writer in all of us, I believe. Where are you in your life? Do you need to write down your thoughts? It may help you to feel better. Are you trying to diet, to overcome a bad habit? Write down when you want whatever it is and how you're feeling. By the time your through writing down what you're thinking, you may not want it anymore!

How about you writers? Are you getting better at using writing as therapy? Or are you still like a babe, and running from your conflicts instead of using them in your craft?

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  1. I want to add to Christy's advice about writing a letter to a person you're angry with...

    Don't accidentally mail it!!!!!


    Christy, I loved your idea of taking our feelings and throwing them at our characters. Such a great idea! I do love to write characters who say the things I wouldn't have the nerve to say. So fun. And, you're right...therapeutic!