Monday, April 27, 2009

Conflict and Motivation

Belinda here--

Conflict and motivation. Two important aspects when writing a book. You must have both. They are intertwined and intregal to a compelling engaging story.

But what about writers? Yes, the person actually writing the story. What happens when a writer has conflict? What happens if a writer isn't motivated?

For a writer to have conflict is probably not good for the book. Conflict could interrupt, unsettle and pull the writer away from the story. Conflicts can be anything from a physical ailment to an emotional rollercoaster ride caused by any number of things. So while conflict is a must for your story, hopefully it's absent from the writer's life.

Motivation. All aspects of story can be believable if the character is properly motivated. At least that's what we writers hear. So while we hope conflict is absent from the writers life, we hope that the writer is motivated so the story gets on the paper. Every person has a different view or inspiration that motivates them. For some it's music, for some it's hearing a great speaker, for some it's hanging out with other writers. There are too many ways to list here.

So this is the question of the day. Which aspect do you find interrupts your writing life the most? If you're not a writer you can still answer the question. Just substitue the word writing with whatever your passion is.
Is it conflict in your life? Or lack of motivation.


  1. Conflict distracts me more - mostly in the form of distractions! When demands on my time become too much, it is difficult to write.

    L. Diane Wolfe

  2. Motivation is my problem. Although when too much conflict is going on in my life, I know that definitely hinders my writing! Right now, I'm finding it difficult to get motivated to get up early enough in the morning to write. I'm also fighting a cold/allergy which is making me more tired. That seems to be my conflict at the moment! Sheesh!

  3. I'd say conflict. Whether it's because of other obligations or something. But for the most part, I usually find plenty of time to write, but there are weeks when it's a struggle. :-)You just have to write when you can, even if it's just a few paragraphs. :-)

  4. I find conflict is more difficult to handle especially when there is mentally or emotionally distraction. As a result of it, I just can't pursue further.

  5. Diane, I agree. Distractions cause conflict!

    Christy, there's nothing like a deadline to motivate me. Maybe contest deadlines can help keep you motivated. Or just writing deadlines on the calendar. And if you make the deadline, you get a reward! :)

    Lynn, good point. I may have mentioned this before, but I once joined the 100 Club (can't remember the exact name but could find out for anyone interested). You commit to write 100 words a day for 100 days straight. But if you miss a day, you have to start over. It's amazing how much you can get done!

    James, I agree. It really is hard to work when we're sad or upset.

    Thanks to all of you for stopping by! Lindi, great post.