Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Do I Dare Admit?

Angie here.

So Mindy asked what we are reading and Jennifer talked about book covers. Well, I have to confess my most recent and favorite book is most definitely an unusual genre!

It's about a mouse. Not just any mouse. A mouse that sticks his nose out everywhere!

Now I know you are wondering what the heck I am talking about...

A children's book for babies and toddlers. It's called Little Mouse and is a Finger Puppet Book! You've never seen anything so funny as all the adults in our house melting into fits of giggles over the little furry nosed mouse and the baby's reaction to it. This little guy. I'm so hooked on little kiddle books right now that I'm always keeping my eye out for the perfect stories for Jude.

Why it's just fiction brought to life! The little finger puppet mouse wriggles and wiggles and maketh me giggles. Then baby Jude grabs with his chubby fingers and tries to taste the little mouse inside his little bookish mouse house.

Have you ever had to sternly refuse a request for a special book? There is one book that will not leave grammie's house. That would be Little Mouse, lol. Oh I've been asked. Thank you very much, but the answer is still no. Ahem, I said no. Put that book back down. Down. Nope, it stays.

I love books, reading, fiction, non-fiction...anything really. But more than all that, I'm finding that my joy is in passing on the love of books to my grandson. We play with our imaginations in stories. Little Mouse comes to life for all of us with a little wiggle here and a tiny wriggle there.

Is there a book that you won't let leave?
PS Visit me over at God Uses Broken Vessels today. I share a story about time I thought fell wasted and turned out to be a blessing.


  1. Cute pic, Ang. I have a book I found Jasper The Cat. I have a cat named Jasper to that book won't leave my house.

  2. Oh, how sweet! Love the photos!! I think he looks like Grandma!

    I love a childrens book called something like The Little Mouse, Big Hungry Bear and the Red Ripe Strawberry. It's a wonderful one for when they get older!! One of my favorites. And also, I love Barn Dance for how it's like a song or poetry when you read it out loud.

    Ahhh, those were the days. Now I deal with teens. :)

  3. Loved your post, Angela. I'll be a first-time grandma in May, so I'm looking forward to sharing special books with my daughter's daughter.

    One of my favorites is "Chicken Soup with Rice" by Maurice Sendak. The book is tiny, maybe four inches tall. My cousin and his wife gave it to me when I was four, and I still love the rhythms and rhymes of it.

  4. Hi Meg!!! Or should I say almost Grandma Meg.

  5. Ah shucks you guys ;-) Thanks. And Grandma Meg, you are going to LOVE your little grand baby so much! I thought motherhood was wonderful. It's just nothing like the soaring feeling of grandmadom.

    Grammie Angie

  6. He's adorable, Angie. I just want to grab him up and give him lots of kisses and hugs!

    Downey has a collection of alphabet books. They are simple to read and have good pictures. Downey likes to read them to me. I love this because she's only 4! I doubt I was reading at 4, LOL!