Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

Jennifer here.

I wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY EASTER weekend!

Every year we have a large picnic with extended family on my husband's side. It's become like a family reunion and I have come to enjoy seeing people and catching up with them when I don't get to see them any other time of the year.

And it is such a special time to celebrate the death and resurrection of our Savior. I get so frustrated with how commercialized this holiday has become. After my daughter turned four, we stopped celebrating the Easter Bunny (and Santa). We felt like it took away from the true meaning of what God has done for us. Of course, I realize that is not how everyone feels and I accept that.

We continued to give her an Easter basket full of candy and meaningful things. We started buying the eggs from The Family Christian Stores that have a spiritual meaning inside each egg. We'd put in some Veggie tale movies, and other things related to Jesus' resurrection or that contained a spiritual lesson. In all honesty, I think she started looking foward to her Easter baskets even more because they became more meaningful. Even children crave the spiritual food that God provides to them. They are so curious and full of wonder soaking up everything.

Last year was the first time we didn't provide an easter basket. But I was so proud of her when today we were packing and she wanted to make sure we didn't forget her Bible.

I pray your weekend is very blessed and God whispers a special something to your heart.


Also, I wanted to announce a new contest that I'll be hosting on my personal blog at in celebration of reaching 100 subscribers, 44 Blogger followers and 56 Feedblitz subscribers. The contest will take place from this Monday (4/13/09) until the last day of April. Details will be posted on my blog on Monday, but here's the deal.

The current subscriber who refers the most subscribers will win a prize. New referred subscribers must mention the person that referred them in the Comments Section (display names are fine). To make sure my new referred subscribers get a chance to win a prize, each one can guess what my favorite scripture is in Psalms. The person who guesses correctly, or guesses a scripture that is the closest will win. Both winners will receive a $20 gift certificate from a bookstore of their choice (Books A Million, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Amazon, Lifeway).

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  1. Jenn, it's getting so busy at holiday times that I hardly get to experience them. Our choir practiced Wed. night, sang at the service Thursday night, then sang at two services on Sunday. I was so worn out that I hardly thought about Easter until we were in the middle of singing Sunday morning. Then the joy and thankfulness of Easter hit me. (during the Hallelujah Chorus!). I had chill bumps and got choked up.