Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How Do Dreams Come True?

Sometimes it seems like the other person is living a fairy tale life. Everything looks perfect on the outside. We don't see the hard work on the inside. I've thought that about other people. Boy have I recently learned my lesson!

I have been a fan of authors like Rick Warren, John Maxwell, Dr. Dobson and the Garys (Gary Chapman and Gary Smalley) for a long time. I've gleaned motivation and understanding from their work. I've learned that to live in my purpose is to live a fulfilled life. Unfortunately, getting there isn't easy. It takes a lot of planning and a LOT of work. I absorbed the fact that I had to make my dream a part of my daily life and schedule. It could not be half way or when I had time for it. I had to make the time.

The work is so unexpected. You would think that living out your passion would come easy. But noooooo. sigh. Passion comes with a price, usually exhaustion, but definitely intense commitment. No wavering.

I asked a very good friend, Glen Johnshoy, who is now famous from the PBS special on his passion, about how he found his calling as a farrier. (He shoes our horses too.) He said, "It's like having a piece of clay. You have all the talent in the world and even the vision of this bear you want to create. But until you learn the skill that takes you from that vision to the creation, it's still just a lump of clay and a picture in your mind."

I loved that piece of wisdom. It is a gem :-) I collect gems of wisdom. In fact, that is my passion-taking life lessons and gleaning the wisdom out of them. I've named my new business, ahem, Gems of Wisdom. I've written the first book in the series. From concept to finished product, I spent two years working with my consultants and interviewing friends about their life experiences. Then the book was written between 9p-2 or 3 a.m. Oct. 1st-Dec. 31st. Then the proposal was written the same way over the next two weeks. (I had to work during the day and handle family life.) My quiet time in my house was only late at night.

During that time, the idea sparked for a matching line of jewelry. Why? Because it fit on so many levels. It fit because God uses stones as memory anchors repeatedly in the Bible, he uses gems as reminders for Aaron in Leviticus and many times referring to the foundations of heaven. Bring that concept forward into modern day and even Weight Watchers uses memory anchors to help cement concepts. The church has used prayer beads and rosaries for centuries. Bingo! It sparkled into being.

The hard work of creating the line of jewelry began. I could have used any company. But through a series of God moments, I was introduced to Pamba Toto. The company supports 2 orphanages in Kenya and uses Fair Trade silver and beads whenever possible to support Third World peoples and single mothers. I'd found someone else's dream that meshed with mine. Wow!

Hours and hours of searching by those ladies, and meetings with me, created these prototypes.

These are just the prototypes. We've all since spent hours and hours of tweaking. The line comes out within the month.

I spent tonight with my graphic artist creating a business card that can also be used to attach the collector pieces of jewelry and have the same recognizable elements as the new website will have on it. Then connecting my graphic artist to Pamba Toto's graphic artist. Then comes my web guru as he creates all the background work for the new website to unveil July 1st.

In the meantime, I'm creating the companion journal to the first book and the online classes I'll be teaching. Did I mention taking life coaching classes? Oh yes, that was a previous post. But it is a 6 month commitment in order to get the certification to round out the Gems of Wisdom business. I'm 44 and doing homework again! Homework to teach me how to help other people focus on their dreams too.

I make page long lists and check them off. I make detailed lists on the lists below specific items. Under line of jewelry? We had to pick out each symbolic stone (we had to be able to get similar stones to fill orders for truth in advertising), separator beads and toggles, not to mention how to ship orders and fill them. Additionally, figuring out pricing and how to display, where and how customers can purchase. Now add marketing, financing ordering supplies and how to package the jewelry while supplying the buyer with an explanation/affirmation for the gems. Then the 17 different pendants to represent personal memory anchors. All this with a mind for anything we could find in Fair Trade (not always an option) and affordability in genuine gemstones.

And that was one item on my list. I am so in awe of the ladies of Pamba Toto! They have put in hours upon hours to help me. I know they have lists upon lists too.

How do dreams come true? By capturing the intense passion and locking in your focus until there is no other vision but that one. You must plan for your dream and write it down. You must plan it and work it daily. It has to be constantly in your sights. You cannot give up because you don't feel like it. You cannot put it aside. Your dream will come true because you fought passionately to find room in your life for that dream. It is only valuable if it takes hard work. Without it, I don't think we are truly vested in the outcome. It will take late nights and early mornings, finding 5 minutes to read a report in a line, jotting notes and brainstorming at odd moments and research like crazy.

How do dreams come true? Because you really want to work every day on your passion.

Now back to my homework...


  1. Ang,
    You are so right. Your dreams don't come true because you are sitting on your couch wishing them into existence. They come true through hard work and dedication. Deb Dixon said in the workshop--writing isn't for sissies--this is hard work---and that's true for anything that is worth having. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Angie, I couldn't ahve said it better myself!
    That burning desire has to be a part of our daily world.

    L. Diane Wolfe

  3. I tell you, Lindi, I agree with Deb Dixon!

    Thanks, Diane, it is crucial to find the passion behind the dream to feed those flames when we get tired.


  4. Angie, Your post is so deep and very true. I keep reminding myself that it's consistent baby steps that get me where I want to go. One editor at Conference last year looked at all the manuscrips I had finished and said she could tell I was a full-time writer. I had to let her know that I worked another full-time job and write when I can squeeze it in. But it took 10+ years to write those manuscripts, lots of tears, lots questioning myself, lots of sacrafices for me and my family, and more hard work than I could have imagined when I first started out. Dreams do come true, but as you pointed out, not without a price.