Monday, April 6, 2009

Reality Verses Make-Believe

Belinda here!!
There was a headline a few weeks ago on the internet when I pulled up my email homepage. This was the headline:

Cat Stuck In Couch For Ten Days

Okay, I didn't read the article. I didn't want to know the true story---because I thought the headline was so funny that the article was sure to come up short. Besides, inventing my own scenarios was too much fun. Probably much more fun than the actual article.

In David Letterman style here are my top ten questions for the owners of this cat:

10: Did they have a clue their cat was lost?
9: How big was this cat?
8: Did the cat meow but nobody heard?
7: Was there food in the couch?
6: Was there a smell around the couch everyone ignored?
5: Who finally found the cat?
4: Was the cat as big as it was when it became stuck?
3: What shape was the cat when it was found? (Literally---flat? round?)
2: How big was the couch?
And the number one question is:

1: How do you sit on a couch for ten days and not know there is a cat in it?

Have any headlines piqued your interest lately? We'd love to hear about them!


  1. Those are great!

    Did they ask the cat why he went into the couch? Was he drilling for oil?

    L. Diane Wolfe

  2. Funny, Diane! Really, why? Great question.

  3. LOL! Yeah, that kinda falls in the "How stupid are you" category.

  4. How funny!! I can't top that one! Although I love on CNN when they have the "What were they thinking?" segment. You get some really wild and weird things on there. One (if I'm remembering the story correctly) where a not-so-good mom got pulled over. And she had buckled in the case of beer in the front seat, but not the child in the car seat in the back. Pitiful!

  5. Great top ten list, Lindi.

    I love that kitty - so cuddly! And snuggly! Poor kitty got stuck on the couch...

  6. I lived a headline once when a young bull got out of the Phoenix fair and ran down the freeway into on-coming traffic. He came right at me! I think that headline would read, "Bull's Eye View."

    Oh, and did you take a picture of MY cat? It looks just like mine. But she's never gotten stuck in a couch. :-)