Monday, April 20, 2009

SOP Revisited

This is Belinda writing to you as we sit under a tornado warning. Again. Todays topic is a whirlwind of one, so I guess it's kind of appropriate.


The famous SOP writer. I am a self-confessed SOP writer--not famous, though. Just a plain old SOP writer. And it is well with my soul. (I love that song!)
But seriously, I've struggled and struggled with this concept that this is the way I am. This is the way I write. Then Saturday I was empowered at the workshop Christy mentioned in her post.

And this is why---I have a current wip that I've been working on for awhile. I've felt like it is a muddled mess in the middle. But--after sitting in the workshop I discovered it may not be so bad. I followed the 12 step Hero's Journey and found I had all the steps already in the story. I did. Without a plotting map, without an outline, without a detailed synopsis. I had all the points! Maybe a plotter can't understand this euphoria I'm feeling. But it is way cool knowing that we (and I say we on purpose because I believe it is in most of us writers to do this instinctively) manage to get a story down in some cohesive manner without a road map. It's kind of like traveling with your husband when he's afraid to ask for directions--you get there eventually--and maybe you've taken a couple of wrong turns---but you get there.

Now I'm not saying my story won't have to be worked on when I write the end. It will. But--and this is a big but for me---all the bones to make it a great story are there. If I can layer in all the essentials well then I've done it.
And this is the way I work the best. I don't mind revising. In fact I think it's kind of fun. (Well, I'll get back to you on how fun it is after I've been revising for awhile.)

What about you? How does revising settle in your system? Love it or hate it?


  1. I enjoy revisions and edits! I probably go over my work at least one hundred times before my editor ever gets a hold of it. I almost have to force myself to stop editing!

    And I admit - I am big on outlines. I never start a project without a detailed outline.

    Happy that your work is all coming together. Stick to what works for YOU!

    L. Diane Wolfe

  2. I don't think I like revisions, but I'm not sure. I've been "revising" a really stinky manuscript for several years now. But I'm glad I've made the changes I have because it's much better than it was. Revision is good. Revision is tough, but is good :)

  3. There are revisions and then there are REVISIONS. Those REVISIONS are the ones I don't like. Kind of like when your mom forces you to eat your vegetables. You don't like 'em, but you end up stronger for it.

    Diane, you are a sick person. Rank right up there with Colleen Coble. She loves revisions, too.

  4. I love revisions. I'm an SOP writer for sure. So, they are even more important for me, I think. I WHIP through that first draft. Get the story down...then, going back is what adds the flesh. Brings the characters to life.

    Great post.

  5. Diane, 100 times? I love it, and I know the editors do to. But we're glad you stop revising so you can write new material.

  6. Christy,
    We'll see how the next book goes when it comes to revising-maybe the first books are the longest to revise!!

  7. Mindy,
    I think i like the REVISIONS--am I wierd?

  8. lynn,
    you write insanely fast--I want to be you!! Most of my first drafts are a lot of dialogue, and some physical actins--like handshakes and hugs. But that's about when I revise it involves layering after layering.

  9. Oh yeah. Then again, it really has nothing to do with writng though :-)

  10. I love revisions because I feel like I'm enriching my writing.