Sunday, April 5, 2009


Christy here: Pardon me for not blogging on Friday. As I did just turn another year older, it seems dementia is setting in, or something similar to that, and I am suddenly forgetting what day it is! By the time I realized it was Friday, I was already on my way to work. Too late to blog.

picture courtesy of When We Get There

This all goes back to how organized I am - or should I say, how organized I'm not. I was off on Wednesday, after all. A perfect time to prepare my post for Friday. Yet organization like many things in life is a transformation.

In my devotional for this morning, it talks about transformation and relates it to the metamorphosis of a butterfly. As Christians, we know that because of Christ we are taken from death to life the moment He becomes our Lord. Still, this is not an easy thing. As Christians, we are not perfect. We struggle. We sometimes know we should comfort others but something happens and we fail. We say the wrong thing, we don't do as others "expect" us. Transformation in our Christian life takes more than showing up at church for an hour on Sundays. Its all a part of being in the Word daily. I fail at this. And I can admit to you when I don't start my day in the Word, I miss it and I feel it to the center of my soul. It affects every word I speak and every action I take.

The same goes for writing. If we aren't consistent in planning our stories and working diligently on them, the end product is lacking. A good novel isn't produced over night. An excellent novel comes after years of learning the craft and putting what we've learned to work.

We've all moved from being a closet writer to telling others what we aspire to. Some of us are published. Some of us are scheduled for publication and contracted. Some of us are winning contests. All of us are seeing improvements in our work. We're not where we were 5, 10, 15 years ago. We've transformed. We've worked hard and studied. That's what its all about. Continue to study the Word and study this craft.

Our beautiful butterfly wings are waiting for us, they're on the cusp of our transformation.


  1. What a beautiful analogy!

    L. Diane Wolfe

  2. Great post, Christy! And I loved that beautiful photo. We can all be transformed into something beautiful!


  3. Thanks!

    And you're right, Missy. Beautiful on the inside and outside.

  4. I'm working on turning into a butterfly :-) It's a huge struggle to get out of the chrysalis! Leaving what I have been doing for so many years to start what I am called to do. It's scary and difficult and painful even though it is exciting and rewarding.