Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I've been doing a different kind of writing lately. It's much more detailed than I like to do, I'll admit it. I prefer imaginative places and writing the "movie" I see in my head. I can get intensely focused and not even know someone else is in the room. That's the fun kind of writing.

Now I'm working on the business details around my writing and speaking. And what do you know! It takes an entirely different kind of writing. I think it should be its own genre called Content.

Content includes website pages, business letters, bios and any other absolutely-crucial-business-related-detail-oriented, well, stuff. I've spent the last few weeks creating this genre. I'll even add instructive emails to that new writing category.

I know it will all pay off in the end. I'll have a spectacular new website for the Gems of Wisdom line of jewelry, life coaching, speaking, online classes and my books. (I have Jonathan Nelson-my amazing graphic designer, Camna web design gurus and all the wonderful guinea pigs who test it for me to thank!)

But this genre of Content is a tough one that takes a ton of fine tuning and that translates into a ton of time.

I think I've learned a few wonderful gems of wisdom from the genre of Content. I've learned I cannot do anything alone because all great achievements are really a symphony and not a solo. I am grateful for the talents of others that enrich the music of my purpose. Details are crucial. Even though some details are boring, the end result is worth the effort. Sometimes it is valuable to stay up late and finish in order to sleep sweeter.

Have I learned more? Absolutely. I've found out that the genre of Content is constantly changing. Though I wish I could do it once and be done with it, Content is a journey and not a destination.

I'm in it for the muscle building, healthier and well-rounded side of me.

Okay, really? No. But I do believe it's an unavoidable, important discipline. Business depends on clear and concise communication. So if I have to do it, I turn it into a game. The adventure of writing my new genre, Content.

It helps me think more positively about tasks I don't like to do. :-)

Does it help you to rename mundane paperwork?

I'd love to hear your ideas on how to make the Content genre more fun to deal with or manage.



  1. Angie, I don't have any ideas on Content but I like what you said "great achievements are really a symphony and not a solo."

    That is a true fact. Love it!

  2. Angie,

    I have worked in "Content" all my life because I have been an Executive Assistant, Office Manager and now am a Church Business Administrator - which is just a really fancy name for "jill of all trades." God blessed me with the gift of Administration so to me - most of Content is fun. However, I hate to file. I have learned that the things I don't like to do - whether it's filing, or whatever, if I will do that first thing in the morning - or first of the week - then I am free to enjoy the things that I love to do.

    This may not help, but as you say Content is a part of business so might as well get it finished quickly so you can do the things you love to do!

    Edwina Cowgill

  3. Great advice, Edwina! I'm the world's worst at procrastinating.

    I've actually been working on "content" all week, Angie! And last week, too. I've been working on promotional things that got put on hold while I had deadlines on the next book.

    So I updated my website. Updated my blog with blog tour dates and links (and my internet froze in the middle of it so I had to do it twice!). I entered 200 names for my mailing list into a database. I signed up with Vertical Repsonse and produced my very first ever newsletter! And then I sent that newsletter out.

    I also wrote about 6 blog posts this week, trying to get ahead for my guest blogging gigs on the book tour.

    So today, I'm finally going back to my proposal!