Monday, May 11, 2009


Thought I'd share this pic. My son's girl (whom I LOVE!!) got a new kitty. Isn't she cute?
Even though Ollie is six weeks old, she's really little. Needs some extra tender loving care, and Sarah is the perfect girl to give it to her.

TLC=lots of attention, special care, major cuddling, constant feeding. Hmmmm......
reminds me of story.
Our stories require TLC too.

Attention: We need to keep working on them all the time until they are totally done.

Special care: If the whole story doesn't need special care there are certain scenes that could use some. Maybe the special care is deciding if they are even needed.

Major cuddling: Isn't this the fun part? Loving those scenes we love? Rereading and treasuring the special moments we've created?

Constant feeding: Yeah, this kind of goes along with attention, but we constantly need to be feeding our stories with words, ideas, revising, something. Until we are totally done, there will always be a part of our story that needs feeding.

So what's your favorite TCL part when it comes to writing your manuscript?


  1. Ok, Cuz Girlfriend......some of your post I can relate to, other part are for you writers...BUT........keep writing, Im the reader......
    How cute the kitty and the next Windover are.....Does Alex like the kitty thing too ?
    You talk about constant feeding........which is what I did from your personal blog which you have not posted to now for 93 days....whats up ???
    Hope you had a great Mothers Day. Miss you most.

  2. oh, gosh--93 days? Ooops! Thanks for pointing that out. Will do better. I promise.
    And you bring up a good point. People get fed all different ways.
    You really have great insight.
    Miss you much!!

  3. Well, pooh. I left a comment last night but it disappeared. Of course, Blogger was supposed to be down last night, so maybe it lost it.

    Anyway, cute photo!

    I love to ruminate about a story, to try to come up with ways to make it better and better. To come up with little details that will add to it. :)

  4. Cute post and really cute kitty. Your son's GF looks like a doll and I bet she fits in great with your family.

    Thanks for the reminder that we need to baby our stories until they are finished. I need to baby mine a little more!