Thursday, May 14, 2009

External Conflict in our Stories

Missy here. I'm really focusing on external conflict right now so thought I'd toss out a bit of what I've been studying.

First off, I'm reading The Plot Thickens (which I mentioned previously) by Noah Lukeman. In his chapter on conflict, something he said really struck me. He said:

Conflict serves many functions: It involves the reader by requring him to take sides (and thus sympathize), it creates a rift that paves the way for resolution and satisfaction, it aids in suspense, it can lend a work a sense of direction, and it can be unexpected and thus create unpredictability.

Wow. I loved that first bit--that it requires the reader take sides! I've talked before about making a character sympathetic. But I think the way he stated this made it really sink in.

We want our reader to take sides! Of course, if you write suspense and have a villian, that's pretty obvious. But what about in a sweet romance? How's the reader going to choose either the hero or the heroine?

I think maybe our job is to make them choose both! And whoever's point of view they're in at the moment, that's who'll they'll be rooting for! :)

One thing I've observed while reading is that I like to anticipate things that are going to happen. If I see something bad coming, I'll race ahead to find out whether or not it really will. And I'll be rooting for the character who is most affected. I may also be rooting for the other character not to do what I see coming! But either way, I'm rooting for both of them.

So let's take our readers for a ride. Let's give them a situation where they choose sides--even if they switch back and forth in their loyaties. As long as they're loyal to at least one character, then they should stick with us through the story.

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  1. That's a good point, Missy! Most of my books do not contain a 'villian' per se. Situations rather than people play the villians. But I do have moments where the reader will feel more for one main character than the other.
    Given me new food for thought today!

    L. Diane Wolfe

  2. I would love to enter into the contest to win a book.
    Praise God from Whom all Blessing Flo


  3. Diane and Edna, thanks so much for stopping by on Thursday!

    Edna, I have you entered on for Julie's book on my other blog. :)