Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

Mindy here. Last week, my husband and I decided to drain our swimming pool so we could give it a good, thorough scrubbing. Did I mention that we have a fairly LARGE diving pool? And let me tell you, it looks a whole lot bigger empty. For two days, we wore ourselves out, scrubbing and rinsing, bending and stooping. When we made the decision, we thought it'd be easy. Yeah, right.

Recently, I've been going through one of my old manuscripts and doing some major revisions. Now it looks like I'm going to end up totally rewriting the last third of the book. I read the existing scenes and wonder what ever possessed me to put them there in the first place. So you know what that means. I have to kill the little darlings and start over. Makes me think of the movie Becoming Jane with Anne Hathaway. Jane Austin would pick up her scissors and cut huge chunks out of her pages. What a great visual of the editing process. But I digress.

When was the last time you had what you thought was a good idea, but later decided otherwise? Did you push through it to completion or did you ditch the whole thing? Tell us about your good idea.


  1. Mindy, my book that just came out had at least 3 different versions. I'm talking re-writing the whole book. Characters remained the same, but jobs changed. Plot changed. Backstory changed. So I have majorly emptied and scrubbed my pool out! :)

    Good luck with your changes on your story!

  2. It's been a struggle to complete the fifth and final book in my YA series, and now that it's done, I'm going to alter the ending some. Not on a grande scale, but just beef up the suspense.
    And not looking forward to it...

    BTW - does the pool look nice now?

    L. Diane Wolfe

  3. LOL! The pool looks much better, Diane. Thanks for asking. I guess the end product makes the effort worth while.

  4. Mindy,
    I can't imagine even thinking of draining and scrubbing the pool--girl, you have energy!! I know I'm going to have to really rewrite the ms I'm working on now. Basically when I'm done I'll have an skeletal book...but that's okay. At least I have something to go by.

  5. Dern.

    I've been scrubbing my pool out for 5 years.

  6. Twinkie, it's time to start filling the pool.

  7. Um...cough...I think I go through this process every day. I'm always discovering that one my little "great" ideas wasn't so great after all. I wonder if that is why I'm always so tired, spinning myself around and around in a cycle.