Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Future of Book Publishing

Jenn here.

Lyn Cote posted an awesome article from the Wall Street Journal regarding where the industry is leading in technological advances to book publishing. I first heard some of these thoughts when my editor returned from a particular conference last year, but this article explains it in more detail in a way I can understand it.

I urge you to read it. Every bit of it. Some of the unique details are further in the story.

As someone who loves and wants to preserve history, it made me want to go out and purchase all the old books I can find and save them. A few weeks ago my local library was holding a book sale. The oldest book I found was printed in 1886. It was a book of poems. These relics are being discarded and tossed out like trash. I didn't purchase that one, but I did buy a few others, including a 1912 book I found since that was the year my grandfather was born (the year of the Titantic).

Anyway, please read this article. It will open your eyes to a few things coming down the pipeline.

How the E-Book Will Change the Way We Read and Write


  1. Cool! I'm heading to read it now.

  2. Very interesting, Jenn. It is a very different perspective on reading. I can see parts of it, but I don't know that the traditional book will go away. I know a lot of people that work on computers all day and the last thing they want to do when they get home is look at another computer screen. I don't know. I may be naive.

  3. I do not like the ebook, I love to hold the book in my hand and read it myself at my own pace, not on the computer. When it comes to the computer that is taking it too far. Surly they want do away with our books.