Monday, May 25, 2009


Today is Memorial Day. A day of remembering. Our country was built for freedom and there are so many men and women who have fought or are currently fighting to keep it that way.
Say extra prayers today for all of our soldiers, thier families and all the nation.
We have a beautiful country!
I appreciate all the sacrifices that are made by these courageous people.

Take time today to remember and pray.

Belinda P.


  1. Freedom is never free!

    L. Diane Wolfe

  2. May God bless our soilders and the families that have lost one. Prayer is always a good thing, one of my sons used to be in the national guard and got out just before dessert storm. I was so thankful but last week he lost a second in command job at his work place, so please remember him in your prayers that he can find a job. His 2 children are grown but he is really depressed about the job loss, as we all are.


  3. Diane, Missy and Edna....thanks for stopping by. Edna--will be praying for your son and his family. I pray he finds something soon.

  4. Lindi,

    Sorry Im a day late.........but did your Mother tell you that for Veterans Day, Jen's 8 year old Skyler (Melbourne Florida) did a project for the school in remembering vets.....they all made signs with names and branches of service to put on the school fence. There was a picture in the paper about this and who would be right in the middle of the picture ? Thomas Reed...........go Grandpoo !!!!! Our Grandpa even made the paper in 2008 !!!

  5. Cuz,
    That's a great story. It's good the kids are getting involved. And regarding Grandpoo---better late than never!!

  6. Having been an international telephone operator for the service men and women in Spain (a long time ago, lol) I know how much they miss their families and wish for the camping holiday so many take on Memorial Weekend. So to those serving our country who cannot take a vacation, thank you!

  7. Angie, is there anything you haven't done?

    I agree Freedom is NEVER free. I'm so thankful for our military service.