Sunday, May 31, 2009

Research for Fiction

Research for our manuscripts involves many things.

We may visit a town where our story will take place. Sometimes, we make up a town but need something to serve as our make-believe town mirror.

I use the Internet to research topics of interest from period clothing to illness. I've purchased non-fiction books relating to these topics.

I've even ventured to the library and reviewed my hometown's newspapers dating back to the 1930s. Research can be more fun than writing the book itself.


What I want to share with you today is an interview from ABC Nightline that took place Tuesday May 26 featuring Christian Fiction author Cindy Woodsmall. I know you'll enjoy it. Click the link below:

Carrie Bradshaw -- in a Bonnet? - ABC News

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  1. I loved the interview. Cindy did a great job and she looks so natural on camera.

  2. I really like Cindy's books please enter me into a drawing if you have one.


  3. Great post, Christy. Thanks for the link. It's encouraging to see a Christian author get positive media attention.

  4. Thanks for sharing the link, Christy! We tried to DVR it that night be didn't get it.