Saturday, May 16, 2009

Resources in the Least Likely Places

Jenn here.

Earlier this week I posted about the Cracker Barrell Restaurant's Remember When booklets as a great historical resource on my blog. These booklets are so cool, giving you all the details of what happened the year your loved one was born. It's designed to give to people for their birthdays or a specific anniversary you want to celebrate and remember, but I'm finding it as a great resource for my next book set in 1929.

It gives the calendar for that year, a cost of living index, who won major sports, who held major offices, top hits in music and movies, popular ads for the year, and siginficant events that occured each month in the year.

Where else do you find great resources and ideas?

For me, the National Geographic and Time Magazine. What about you? Are you familiar with the Remember When booklets?


  1. No, I had no idea the Remember when books existed! I've got a Cracker Barrel down the road and will definitely look for them. Thanks for sharing!

    I've found some books from Writers Digest that may have some good historical tools. However, since I haven't worked on any historicals, these books are now serving as coffee table books ;)

  2. I've never heard of them either. How cool!

    I only do comtemporaries, but it would be so interesting as a gift to my kids!