Monday, May 18, 2009

What Gets You Going?

I'm a member of the Georgia Romance Writers. We have meetings one Saturday a month. We have great speakers and the group is a fabulous bunch. I'm also a member of a local ACFW group, WORD. Like GRW we have amazing speakers, workshops and again a wonderful bunch of people.
This last Saturday was our GRW meeting. There's nothing like being around an inspiring group of people. Writers understand writers. I know some of us have really supportive husbands and/or family members. But deep down inside other writers truly get it.
I'm really fortunate to be involved in two amazing groups. One of the benefits of being near a big city, I guess. It seems like when I need it the right workshop, or the encouragement of another writer will come along.
If you don't have any writers groups to attend, you can form your own critique groups. I feel it's important for writers to be around other writers. Even if it's only one day a month.
What about you? Are you fortunate enough to have a group locally you belong to? Or do you meet up with other writers in other settings such as critique groups or just getting together?


  1. I'm fortunate that on my first GRW meeting I met Lindi and Missy!

    That's how I found about ACFW and the great group there! From there I met Angie, Jenn and Mindy! And FAITH was born!

    I formed my critique group through GRW. One of my CP's is my former Algebra teacher. I love that! And my other CP is currently an English teacher. Dianna keeps me current on simple/complex sentences and other grammatical terms I've forgotten. CPs help you grow as a writer and face criticism when you enter contests.

    I am always inspired and ignited to write after being at either meeting - GRW or ACFW. I hated to miss last Saturday's GRW but needed the time to rest.... And Clean!!!

  2. Like you, Lindi, I am blessed to live in a metro area (DFW) that has lots of writers groups. While I've opted out of RWA for a time, I have a great ACFW chapter as well as a large crit group that meets every week. And you're right, only writers can truly understand writers.

  3. Christy--I KNOW God wanted us to meet...and we did. How amazing.

    Did you forget the rule that we don't mention the word "clean" on the blog? :)

  4. Mindy,
    It's nice to have groups. Our guest speaker at our WORD group in May really enjoyed our group. He doesn't have one close to him.

  5. I just joined RWA! I'm so excited. They have groups meeting on Tuesdays.

    Also, I belong to our AFCW local group CWOW and they meet monthly. It's so energizing to get around other writers. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

    I also have another fellowship - type group I meet with every other month that has a couple of my crit partners in it.

    It's so important...we lift each other up during the tough times and celebrate together during the exciting times.

    Great post today!

  6. Lynn,
    yeah for joining RWA. It's a great organization. Glad you're a member.
    It sounds like you have a great network of writers--that's awesome. and you have a great blog, too!!

  7. Yes! I have the great groups with Lindi and Christy! And then the larger online groups as well.

    Lynn, I thought you called your local chapter CHOW!! LOL Yes, we writers do like to eat when we get together. :)

  8. Hey, CHOW would be a great writer's group name. I'll join.

  9. i'd join CHOW.

    And yes! I forgot about the rule
    No cleaning on FAITH. Got it. :)

  10. I wish there was a local group. You all know the failure in that venue. I keep depending on God, and surrounding myself with books, movies, and music that inspire me.