Saturday, June 13, 2009

Adapting to Environments to Write

We've all shown photos of our writing spaces at home, the setup of our offices with a personal touch of each personality, but what writing places inspire you outside your home? I'm inspired in the mountains, the beach, and in historical towns and settings like Charleston, SC. The interesting thing about me is I can write just about anywhere--at a local restaurant, in my car, break room at work, doctor's office, the car, the airport, the plane, wherever ideas strike me and when time permits. I've learned to tune out background noise like music, people talking, TV, radio, etc. Sometimes I manage this skill a little too well for my husband's liking.

In spite of my ability to adapt my writing to my environment, I still find more inspiration at the beach more than any other place. What is your special environment of inspiration?


  1. You know, Jenn, I'm still learning to adapt. Just this week, my daughter spent the night away from home one night and Hubby was away on a fishing trip. I had the whole evening to devote to writing but I was worried about a high cell phone bill and stayed on the intranet looking for alternatives and better deals. I need a therapy on writing thru stress.

  2. The beach, definitely!!

    Jenn, I recently worked several hours at Starbucks (inside a Target store). I read through about half a book, doing final edits. When I got done, the woman working apologized and said she hoped it wasn't too noisy for me. I was amazed! I hadn't heard anything while I worked. Just tuned it all out. It was so much better than at home where the phone rings or mailman comes or the dogs want in... and out...over and over.

  3. It depends on my mood, but to write, I usually need QUIET. Inspiration, however, can strike just about anywhere. Given the option, I'd love to be in a mountainside cabin in Ouray, Colorado in the fall, surrounded by tons of color, with just enough chill in the air to require a crackling fire in the fireplace at night. Sigh. Okay, when do we leave?

  4. My living room after everyone else has gone to bed. It's especially amazing at Christmas time when the tree is lit.