Monday, June 15, 2009

Belinda here....

Christy posted yesterday about writing retreats. How she is getting a couple of days away with some writer friends. I've done that before and I love it. We've taken some photos and if you show them to people they're like, oh, is that what you do? Everyone is sitting around with a laptop. Cords are all over the floor, notebooks may be scattered around. I'm not sure how many people would find that a fun vacation. But us writers are kind of strange that way.

And I think part of the pull is that writers understand other writers. Our families and spouses and kids may understand certain aspects of what we do as writers, but there's nothing like other writers to "get it" when you realize you've been running a theme through the whole book and you didn't even know it. Other writers totally understand how you can get up in the a.m., turn on the lap top and twelve hours later still be sitting with the lap top. Other writers understand the need to not get out of those pj's all day!! Hey, we're working! Does it really matter what we're wearing?

Jenn posted Saturday about writing environments. Christy is headed to a lake house. I know I've been to a beach house for a writer's retreat. I've even heard of people taking writer's retreat cruises. So this is our question for today:
If you could gather up all your writer friends and go anywhere you wanted on a retreat---all expenses paid---where would you go.
If you're not a writer where would you gather all your friends to vacation?


  1. I would take a tour for several weeks to a beach, then to a mountain retreat, then to a foreign country - would probably visit a few cities on another continent, then return home. That should provide enough material for many, many books!

  2. I think I already answered this on Jenn's post, but I'll play anyway. A mountain retreat would be lovely. Not sure about a cruise. Too much going on on the ship. I'm usually busy all the time. Haven't done one at the beach, but the salty air and the sound of the waves are bound to stir up some creativity. At this point, though, I'd settle for Motel 6!

  3. Mindy, I"m with you on the cruise..too much going on. Although I always take my computer...hmmm...not sure why.

  4. Honestly, it wouldn't matter as long as there were no interruptions. I did a mountain retreat last fall and it was wonderful. It wasn't the location. It was the friendships, understanding and brainstorming sessions that all ended in huge progress.


  5. WE ARE GOING TO DISNEYLAND !!! (And for all you writers that want a retreat, I will take your kids ! Im a great babysitter, especially at Disney ! I want you all to be able to write, so I can be able to read........ but really, Disney, it doesnt get any better. That is where I brought in the Millenium....So all you faith girls, send me your kids, we will have a blast !!! You guys can go writing, we will go playing.........and remember,..........its a Small World after all"........
    Be well, be safe all.........and have a great day.
    Cuz Wendy

    And christy ??? Personal note - expecting ?? I must have missed a blog or two..........Good for you.

    And Lindi ............Another Cousin....Scotts Becky is expecting.......

  6. Ang, Good point. All the aspects "at" the location are important.

  7. cuz--i'm sure all appreciate your babysitting offer. That's a dream come true in itself.
    Yeah for Disney--I remember your New Years Eve trip.

    Tell Scott happy grandpa-ing!!

  8. Okay, Wendy, I'll pack my kids up and send them to you next week...