Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ideas come from the strangest places...

Yesterday, my daughter took a 3 hour afternoon nap. Unfortunately, I wasn't in front of the computer as I should have been working to finish my manuscript.

I was folding laundry!

I turned the television on, something I rarely do, and watched this strange informational show about Boliva. This South American country is the number one producer of the Coca plant and they make cocaine. The show I watched took us into those jungles to a makeshift manufacturing plant and its spotlight was on the 12 year old female who was caught smuggling cocaine.

The narrator stated the majority of the product was coming to the United States. The current president of Boliva and his cabinet were chanting "Gringos go home! Yankee go home!" Manufacturing the Coca plant is the way of life for many of these people. They were upset about a law that wasn't passed which must have legalized the production of cocaine. These people want this legalized because the money they bring in from this production put food on their tables, clothe them, send their children to school. Parents involve their children to work in these manufacturing plants that are in the middle of the jungle. They work at night, their only light a tin can to house the flame.

The show brought forth many scary facts. I couldn't watch the show for very long. Reality bites and luckily my laundry got finished. Yet while I was watching this show, I listened to the sounds and took stock of the soldiers leading the reporter through the jungle. I began to remember one of my earliest manuscripts.

I'd sent my heroine to Brazil in search of her father she thought had been killed. Of course, I really didn't know what the father was doing in Brazil. I ended up sending my heroine on a continental journey to Australia, chasing after her belief her father was alive and trying to follow his trail. Of course the Hero wasn't far behind and had to rescue the heroine from several dangerous situations. Sprinkle a few love scenes in there, a return home and they lived happily ever after. Don't ask me what the true Goal, Motivation, or Conflict of this story was because I can't really remember.

But what happened while I was watching that show on Boliva was a spark. I envisioned what could have happened to my Heroine's father and what horrid predicaments my Heroine would find herself in in following him. My Hero risks everything back home to go into these strange jungles to find her and together they uncover much more than either bargained.

Has this ever happened to you? Where is the strangest place you've discovered a story?


  1. Wouldn't call it strange, but I dreamed about the two main characters in my first book, and from that spark of an idea came five books.

    L. Diane Wolfe

  2. A dream = 5 books, I'd say that's pretty great Diane!

  3. A dream--that's how Stephanie Meyer started Twilight...maybe I should dream.

    My idea's come from so many, papers, photos....I'll have to make more notes on this.

  4. Lately my dreams have been about being at the dentist office and crashing into other people's vehicles while driving my husband's truck. I guess there could be a story there, but I'm kind of afriad to explore it.

  5. LOL, Christy! Your dreams sound like mine.

    But I have had a sort-of dream while falling asleep and ended up jolting away and writing the story idea down. Wrote a whole book from it.

    I get a lot of ideas from things I see on TV shows--especially news type shows like you were watching, Christy.