Thursday, June 4, 2009

Love Inspired Authors Interviewed

This week is the official release of my new Steeple Hill Love Inspired book, His Forever Love! I'm still celebrating. :) What fun to finally have another book on the shelves. And now another bit of excitement...

Kelly Kiggins-Lund did a great article and interview of Steeple Hill Love
Inspired Books this week at the Richmond Christian Books Examiner. And I
got to take part! :)

Kelly's article starts:

This week, I will be introducing you to the Love Inspired line of books. Today, I have lined up an interview to not only introduce you to the Love Inspired line but also to introduce you to several of the authors who write the books for this line. The rest of the week, I will be reviewing books from the Love Inspired line.

What are “Love Inspired” stories?

Love Inspired novels are heartwarming, inspirational romances. They are written from a Christian world view about real people, just like you! Our characters experience life’s joys and sorrows, temptations and consequences and do so within the framework of their faith and values. When you pick up a Love Inspired book you can be sure of a satisfying read without offensive language, sexual content or gratuitous violence. You can look forward to a conclusion where the hero and heroine are in a committed relationship with one another and with Jesus Christ. Beyond those few but very important notes, nothing else about our books is predictable. So, get ready for a great read and a wild ride when you purchase a Love Inspired book!

Read the rest of Kelly's article and interview (with several authors) here:

Find out more about Love Inspired authors and books by clicking the photo to the left. I'm actually blogging there today.

And visit my website and blog to find out about chances to win a copy of my new release, His Forever Love!

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