Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Blog Tour for ACFW and the upcoming conference

I'm sharing a fun blog tour that our ACFW members are taking part in over the summer and for those interested in learning more about the ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) conference.

The goal is to cover the summer. Feel free to do more posts on your topic or suggest one. Also if you don't have a topic, look through what is planned and see if it jogs an idea. There are so many still out there. Send me your idea and title and I'll add that too. Just write what you know ;-)

It just kicked off June 15th and continue through August 15th. Please take a peek through the other topics and dates. If it spurs an idea, by all means send me a note that you are adding a post to the tour. I'd like to see it run several times a week (or daily would be awesome) so that as the internet spiders crawl, the ACFW conference is constantly brought to the top of the search engines. We are always accepting new ACFW member participants. You should be able to copy the entire list and update your planned blog posts from the regular updates I will send through the summer as it grows and changes so please don't post this one. There will be an updated posts at intervals through the summer. I'll date the latest blog tour list each time I send out an update.

Whether you are teaching logistics, familiarity or experience in your blog post, the goal is the edification, encouragement and enthusiasm. Enjoy visiting the other participants and linking to one another as well as the ACFW Conference Blog and raising the awareness of your own blog through your participation. I'd love to hear the stories that the tour spurs discussed on the main loop if you felt your readership or your writing experience grew from this volunteer opportunity. If you will send me your post, I'll also add it to the ACFW blog through the summer. Please send it privately to with CONFERENCE BLOG POST and the DATE in the subject line so I can be on top of those additions. Make sure it is also posted in your personal blog on the date you have chosen or are assigned.

Do check the blog address for any typo!

Thank you so much for your willingness and creativity.
The blog schedule follows.
May God bless your writing and all who read your posts!
Angie Breidenbach
PR Officer, ACFW


June 15: Christa Allan: Evolving Conference Experiences

June 15: Ane Mulligan: A Few of My Favorite Things...

June 17: Margaret Daley: Enhancing Your Conference Experience Through Volunteering

June 18: Trish Perry: ACFW Conference Friendships at all stages of writing careers

June 21: Megan DiMaria: Finding restaurants at conference (visit often for multiple postings beginning June 21. Megan will be posting weekly so check back often for her eye on the best eateries and how to save money eating out as well as how to impress your business associates with excellent food.)

June 24: Tiffany Amber Stockton: Pitching with Success

June 27: Sharon Lavy: Prayer Room

June 30: Kathleen Fuller: Amish fiction, historical romance tracks

July 2-10: Amish Hearts: Group blog with various conference posts

July 5: Jeannie Campbell: Why I chose the ACFW conference: A newbie’s perspective

July 12-19 : Linda Kozar and the Internal MonoBlog- Group blog with various conference posts. (Each blogger will post at least once. One a day until the group blog has all had the opportunity to post.)

July 19: Tiffany Colter 1: Long-term return on investing in a writer’s conference (multiple posts)

July 22: Tiffany Colter 2: Investing in your professional development (multiple posts)

July 25-31: Writer’s Rest Group Blog: Trusting God to use conference (multiple posts, each blogger please post at least once. One a day until your group blog has all had the opportunity.)

July 28: Jennifer AlLee: The Value of Face-to-Face Networking in a Twitter & Facebook World

July 31: Angie Breidenbach: Confidence at Conference

August 2: Deb Raney: "What if I Can't Come to the Conference?"

August 3: Lena Nelson Dooley 1: Uplifting worship

August 2-8: Writing By Faith Group blog: 6 authors, 1 great God.
Aug. 2nd is Christy LaShea Smith: Use Your Pre-Conference Time Wisely
Aug. 3rd is Belinda Peterson: Relax- Yes You Can Enjoy Those Editor and Agent Appointments
Aug. 4th is Mindy Obenhaus:"Making the Most of Your Conference Experience.
Aug. 5th is Angie Breidenbach: Professionalism 101
Aug 6th is Missy Tippens: Pending
Aug 8th is Jennifer Hudson-Taylor: Pending

August 6: Lena Nelson Dooley 2: Connecting with publishers

Aug 9: Ane Mulligan: A Few of My Favorite Things...

Aug 12: Jill Elizabeth Nelson: TBD

Aug 15: Cara Putman: First Timers and Calm Nerves


Additional bloggers may still request to join the tour. Please choose a conference topic and date. We'll update this list on the website as needed but no more than weekly. Contact Angie Breidenbach to be listed.*

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