Monday, June 8, 2009


Belinda here.

There are several "stages" of writing a book. All of them important. Not all of them fun? I use a question mark because I'm not sure. I think every one feels differently about each stage and there may be some authors who do think all the stages are fun. Me, I'm not so sure.

Right now I'm in what I think is the "funnest" stage. (I know "funnest" is not a word. But I like the sound of it.)

First there's planning. To be frank I basically skip this stage. I'll let someone els who's way more familiar with the stage blog about it. Instead of planning I start with an idea. A very basic, simple (hopefully) idea. Then I start writing.

That's when it gets fun for me. Especially if the ideas are flowing. Right now I have about 3-4 scenes I'm so ready to write. As I am writing a scene, one or two new ones pop into my head. I note them so I'll be ready.

When the first draft is done, we revise. I think if we do the planning stage the revisions are very different than if we skip the planning and go straight to writing. I know my revising process is major. But that's okay. At least there are words on the page and something to work with.

Then there's letting crit partners read the book. I know some authors go solo, but I really enjoy having someone else to look over the manuscript.

After we get that draft back then we revise some more. I'm not sure how many times we read our books before they go "off." Anyone care to share some numbers? How many times do you read your books entirely before you think they are ready.

And for those of you reading that aren't writers, I ask this---How many times have you read your favorite book?
To me, that would be a great compliment. To know a reader read my book more than once.


  1. I really enjoy the editing phase! I'd have to say I reread & edit my books 100 times or more before it even hits my editor.

    L. Diane Wolfe

  2. Sometimes I read them 3 or 4 times depends on how good I really like them and If I have any new ones.


  3. Cuz............

    Ok, funny..........put it all on me. As Mom says, laugh a lot, laugh out makes us all feel good !!!!

    Harry Potter.........Chronicles of Narnia..........I have read them both 3 times. I always find something new,......... This is why you need to send me more to read !!!

    Diana, Lindi's friend..........send to me to edit, I LOVE reading............thank goodness for you gals, I will never be a writer, but Im a #1 reader......
    Lindi, I will get those books off to you soon, I promise !!

    Personal note Cuz...... Greg is flying to Fl. 6/30 to pick up Skylar and Jayden for a month........or so. Mom said hes flying to Orlando than getting a flight right back with the kids, but has a 3+- hour layover in Atlanta........Im not sure when ( what time of day but will find out. Maybe you or Auntie Dearest Jill might say Hi !!
    Love you guys !!!

    And for all of you that have elders that are trying to remain at home without assisted living, nursing homes, etc.............Hi ho, Hi ho, its off to work I go....What great people !!!

    Be well, be safe, and I hope you all ardnt paying for gas What Im paying,,,,,,,,,, $2,84 here,,,,,,'

  4. Diane--100 I'm sure it's worth it. That's amazing. And like you I like the editing phase.

  5. Edna,
    I do love to read books over and over. I think I've read one of my favs at least 6 times.

  6. Cuz,

    you are right one with laughing...don't we love to have it all when we read? And you are the ultimate reader.
    (Those books I sent you I don't want back. keep them or donate them.)
    Let me know about Greg. I work 10 minutes fromt the airport. I would love to go and see him.

    Glad you are enjoying your job and no we aren't paying that much for gas...yet.

  7. I thought I read my books a lot, but Diane! You surely hold the record!!

    I think I probably read mine about 5 or 6 before sending to my editor.

    Hey, Cuz, my heroine in the new book is a caregiver for an elderly woman! :)