Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What Kind of Preparation Do You Do?

When you have a big event or holiday coming, what kind of a personality are you?

By that I mean, do you plan and anticipate or do you throw it together at the last minute?

I've been both. I used to do the latter, but with the amount of family members to manage, over the years I've gravitated to the planner. I found it has become fun because of the anticipation. It's fun to go online and research where I'm traveling to and what there is to do while I'm there.

I thought I'd share some tips on planning for a big event or upcoming travel.

The grand "To Do List" is a must.
Why doesn't it work for some people?
I think because it needs to be treated like the first draft of a book, once splatted out on the page, then it needs to be organized and prioritized and rewritten. Not to waste time. Rewriting seems to put things in the order they must be achieved. It's a psych-out you can do for yourself. Once it's written, the rewrite edits out the unnecessary while cleaning up and intensifying the important.

Planning the packing.
Lay out your wardrobe with each outfit and all the accompanying accoutrements. Why? Small frustrations can really build up on a trip that should be relaxing. If you check all the little parts of your outfit, you might find something missing before it's too late to fix it.

Those pesky little things that get easily lost.
I use lunch baggies with a ziplock to separate out small things like jewelry. Each outfit has the accompanying jewelry and I mark the baggie by slipping a note inside for what outfit. I don't lose them and I don't frantically search either. All jewelry goes in my carry-on bags if I'm not driving.

In this category I also keep small items that are easily lost or might melt in the heat. I can quickly pull it out and put the baggie somewhere safe out of the sun, if needed.

Keep a notepad and pen.
In your purse.
By your bed.
In your car.
Do I really need to detail why? It's just too easy to forget things.

I'd love to hear other ideas for travel/event prep :-)

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  1. I am an extreme planner!

    And I have both the to-do/to-pack list and a check list of what needs to be done before walking out the door. I find if I don't write down even the simplest of things ("take cell phone") I will not remember.

    L. Diane Wolfe

  2. If I am going to have a dinner or anything I start planning early. Even if the kids are just coming to eat I start planning the first of the week what I am going to fix. I am always early every where I go even if I have to wait longer.


  3. I'm trying to be a planner but still have those tendancies toward procrastination. And when those tendancies win, I'm frazzled. It's much better to be a planner.